KaDee Strickland Bio, Husband and Net worth: Famous Actress in Anacondas.

KaDee Strickland Bio, Husband and Net worth: Famous Actress in Anacondas.

Within the context of Hollywood actors who have really made an impression and attained height in acting, KaDee Strickland is interestingly one of them.

The passion for acting which she developed as a child has not been dormant ever since rather it brings new enthusiasm for her acting career.

She is well known today for her performances in films such as ‘Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid’, ‘The Grudge’ and the ‘ABC’ drama ‘Private Practice.’ Journey with us so as to know her better.


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KaDee Strickland Bio, Husband and Net worth

Here are the things you need to know about an American film, TV, and theater actress.

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Early Life and Education

Katherine Dee Strickland was born on December 14, 1975, in Blackshear, Georgia, US, to a high-school football coach, principal, and superintendent Dee Strickland, and nurse Susan Strickland.

She grew up in Patterson, Georgia, and as a young girl first worked by picking tobacco for around 8 years, on a local farm in their one-stoplight town.

There was a film produced in 1975, the same year KaDee was born, Woody Allen’s romantic comedy ‘Annie Hall’.

As a child, she watched it and was inspired by the strength and energy of the actors and wanted to be like them.

Also as a child, her family background as Strickland as well as her extracurricular activities and accomplishments made her quite popular as a local kid. S

The then became the ‘Homecoming Queen’ in elementary school and also in middle and high school. She was also a cheerleader and the president of the student council.

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A time came when her participation in a one-act play performed by students of her high school opened her eyes to the beauty of acting and she was moved to pursue a career in acting.

Hence for her University education, acting was on top of the game. On completion of her studies in high school, she wanted to study drama at a New York City college but her parents declined because they could not let their daughter live in such a large city at that age.

This led her to join ‘The University of the Arts’ in Philadelphia. While studying there, she became a member of the ‘Screen Actors Guild.’

She also had a job at a local restaurant as a part-time waitress and her internship was at a casting agency, where she mainly read lines at auditions for small roles in local film and television projects as one of her tasks.

The internship later landed her first film role. She successfully graduated with a fine arts degree from ‘The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. On completion, she decided to obtain another degree in acting precisely in New York City. She moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2003.

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Kadee Strickland Net Worth 2021

Estimated at $500,000


Kadee’s acting career started right in high school, then during her studies in the University, Philadelphia, and New York City, she started with small roles in film and TV productions like “The Sixth Sense” in 1999 in which she showed briefly as a mourner in a funeral after-party and as an extra in the independent film “The Sterling Chase”.

However, by appearing in plays such as ‘A Requiem for Things Past’ and ‘Women of Manhattan’, she gathered more experience in acting.

Her experience paved the way for her to move on with different productions.

The 2003 Hollywood romantic comedy films ‘Something’s Gotta Give,’ starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, and ‘ Anything Else’ in which she played supporting roles and participated actively landed her significant roles in the 2004 horror films ‘Anacondas’, ‘The Hunt for the Blood Orchid’ and ‘The Grudge’.

Her roles and displays in these horror films earned her the tag “newest scream queen” of horror fandom and “the pride of Patterson.” She was also added to play ‘Charlotte King’ in the American medical-drama series ‘Private Practice.’

She has a passionate love for her strong female characters, and after her character in the series was raped, KaDee worked closely with the anti-sexual violence organization ‘Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network’ (RAINN). She also remained part of the main cast of the series ‘Secrets and Lies’ and ‘Shut Eye.’

Kadee Strickland husband

Jason Behr is Kadee Strickland’s hubby. They got married in 1999, and they are very happy together.

KaDee got married to Jason Behr, an American actor on November 10, 2006, in Ojai, California, in a ceremony inspired by Japanese culture.

This was after they became friends in 2004 during the filming of ” The Grudge”, a 2-year relationship and a proposal from Jason on her birthday.

They both had a natural attraction for Japanese culture.

They have been living together with their children:

  • Atticus Elijah Behr, (son)
  • Caroline Matilda Behr and
  • Emmeline Victoria Behr

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In 2006, she won the ‘Silver Star Alumni Award’ from ‘The University of the Arts’ in Philadelphia.

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