Lamman Rucker Biography: An American Actor and Activist

Lamman Rucker Biography: An American Actor and Activist.

Rucker is an American actor who has earned his place among the most respected in Hollywood.

He has passionately spent more than two decades in the movie industry and is well known for his talent especially in comedy-drama films.

Lamman has appeared in nothing less than 50 film and TV productions some of which have won him accolades and brought him into prominence.

Apart from being a talented actor, he is a passionate activist, educator, and entrepreneur.

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He actively participates in activities and edutainment initiatives that educate, empower, and inspire people and help them become progressive.

Actor Rucker has been an eminent international speaker, too.

Let’s shade more light on his life.

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Lamman Rucker Biography

Here are the things you need to know about him:

  • Early Life and Education
  • Lamman Rucker Net worth 2021
  • Career
  • Lamman Rucker movies
  • Awards
  • Impact created
  • Lamman Rucker height
  • Hobby
  • Lamman Rucker wife

Early Life and Education

Lamman Rucker was born on October 6, 1971, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the U.S.

Rucker was born into a family of five involving his parents Malaya Ray and Eric Rucker, and his two siblings, a younger sister and a brother ( Chanu Rucker).

His father was a drummer while his mother ran a dance company called the ‘Pittsburgh Black Theater Dance Ensemble.’

However, he grew up in the Washington, D.C., Maryland area into a child that loves participating in child pageants even at a tender age.

Along the line, he started to develop an interest in acting, and his family was said to be very supportive of his career path.

What we see as his career today started in his fourth grade when he played Martin Luther King. He kept on putting in effort and by seventh grade, he joined the drama club of his school.

Lamman attended a high school which was the ‘Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C. There, they found the school to be suitable to have his passion nurtured.

Moreover, he obtained two more degrees – A bachelor’s degree in information technology and business and a master’s degree in education and curriculum development from Carnegie-Mellon University and ‘Duquesne University respectively.

Lamman also joined the basketball team in college and briefly played as a semi-pro ball.

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Lamman Rucker Net worth 2021

$2.5 million dollars.


Lamman started his acting career way back in 1998.

This was in a television miniseries when he played the role of the American soul singer.

Jimmy Ruffin, the elder brother of David Ruffin of the band in the movie ‘The Temptations,’ which was based on the legendary history of the Motown band.

However, the regular role of ‘ Attorney T. Marshall Travers,’ that he played in 2002, in a daytime soap opera – ‘As the World Turns’ brought him into fame.

After one year on the show, he left the show the following year, (2003).

That same year, he appeared in the 2003 independent comedy film ‘Making Revolution’ as ‘Michael Suliman’ as well as in other short films such as ‘Let’s Talk’ (as Maurice), ‘The Commission’ (as Judge Harold Couch), and ‘Redirect’ (as Bobby),

In 2004, he played more roles like appearing as ‘Rick Harris’ in the UPN sitcom ‘All of Us.’.

He also made a single-episode appearance as Reggie Uggams’ in ‘Law & Order,’.
In 2005, he took up another job in the ‘ABC’ soap opera ‘All My Children’ playing the regular role of ‘Garret Williams’.

In 2007, he played a role which he is largely known for – ‘Troy Jackson,’ the local sheriff when he featured in the Tyler Perry comedy-drama ‘Why Did I Get Married?’.

This was adapted from Perry’s play bearing the same name.

He received enthusiastic reviews for his role which he repeated in ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?’ (2010 sequel).

Tyler Perry also collaborated with Rucker for his other film in 2008 – ‘Meet the Browns’ which was a remake of Perry’s 2008 romantic comedy film bearing the same name.

It was a prominent one. He played the role of ‘Will Brown’, which he again repeated in its sitcom spinoff as ‘Dr. Will’ from 2009 to 2011.

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Lamman Rucker movies

As part of Lamman Rucker Biography, In 2012, Lamman was cast in the lead role in the NBC comedy series ‘Save Me’ but was the contract expired after filming the pilot episode. Since then, he subsequently appeared in short films and TV movies.

Here are some of Lamman Rucker movies and TV shows:

  • 2010 crime thriller, ‘N-Secure’ – as ‘Isaac Roberts’
  • 2012 drama film ‘The Undershepherd.’ as ‘Roland’
  • In the eight episodes of the ‘UPN’ sitcom ‘Half & Half.’ as ‘Chase’
  • 2012 TV movie ‘Sugar Mommas,’
  • ‘Black Coffee’ (as ‘Hill’),
  • Where’s the Love? as ‘Sebastian’
  • First Impression as ‘Vernon Richardson’,
  • ‘No More Mr Nice Guy as ‘Bruce Wright’,
  • The Man in 3B as ‘Darryl Graham’,
  • Love Won’t Let Me Wait as ‘Roger’,
  • Service to Man as ‘Dr. Johnson’
  • ‘South of Hell, ‘WE tv’ drama series as ‘Rev. Elijah Bledsoe,’ a priest in 2015.

All this was before he was signed as one of the leads in the Oprah Winfrey Network drama series, ‘Greenleaf’.

In ‘Greenleaf,’ Lamman played ‘Jacob Greenleaf,’ the eldest son of the “First Lady” ‘Daisy Mae Greenleaf’ and the husband of ‘Kerissa Greenleaf,’ a controlling wife.

Before filming the final episode of the third season of ‘Greenleaf,’ Lamman decided to acknowledge his alma mater ‘Duke Ellington School of the Arts,’ the institution that gave shape to his successful career as an actor by celebrating the success of the show with them. the ‘GREENLEAF Watch Party & Social Forum’ took place in its newly renovated building.

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Lamman once bagged an ‘NAACP Image Award’ nomination for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.”

Impact created

He is an advocate of social justice, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, the arts, and financial literacy, and community empowerment which he used the opportunity at Greenleaf Watch Party to enlighten the people.

Lamman Rucker height

Actor Rucker is 6.2336 feet tall which is equivalent to 1.9m.


Lamman enjoys playing ball, working out, going to the theater, and traveling.

Lamman Rucker wife

He is married to Kelly Davis Rucker.


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Lamman Rucker Biography: An American Actor and Activist.

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