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Lauren Drain studied nursing science at the University of Washburn and graduated with a BSc. in 2007. After nine years of serving as a registered nurse, she is a certified personal trainer (CT), a Bikini Pro, and a popular fitness model. Besides, she is an NYT Best Seller. Lauren Drain became a New York Times Best Seller after she published the book “Banished.” However, in the book, she wrote about her experiences and banishment from the Westboro Baptist Church, where she was a member.

Lauren Drain
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Do you know that Lauren was once a member of the Westboro Baptist Church before her excommunication from the church? Find out why she protested against the church doctrine and how she was disconnected from her parents, brothers, and sisters.

Lauren Drain is an interesting personality that you’d like to know. Stay with us, and we’ll reveal more about the popular fitness model.

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The things you should Know About Lauren Drain

Lauren Drain Biography | Age

On December 31, 1985, Lauren Drain was born in Tampa, Florida, in The United States of America. Lauren Drain age? She will be 37 years old in 2022. She is from the Caucasian ethnic group and belongs to the Capricon zodiac.

Her parents were Steven and Lucy Drain. Lauren lived with her father, Steve, in Olathe, Kansas, where she attended Topeka West high school and earned a Wiseman Scholarship after graduating to study at Washburn University.


In 2007,  Lauren Drain obtained a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Washburn University. After graduation, she became a registered nurse and worked for nine years before becoming a full-time personal trainer and fitness model.

In 2013, Drain became an NYT bestseller through Banished, which she co-authored with Lisa Pultizer. The book described her excommunication and experiences in the Westboro Baptist Church.

Besides being an author, Lauren Drain is popularly known for her fitness role on her Facebook and Instagram walls. She is a fitness model who encourages and motivates her fans to remain fit in their desired shape. You can follow her on her Instagram page to view her fitness routines, strength, and motivational content.

Lauren Drain Experiences With The Westboro Baptist Church

Lauren Drain
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At 15, Lauren was indoctrinated into the Westboro Baptist Church when her father, Steve, moved his family from Florida to Kansas to join the church. Steve was converted while working on a documentary of the church, so he became a devoted member of the church with his family.

Because of the church doctrine and practice, Lauren was not allowed to see her friends except selected church members who were known to be committed to the church doctrines.

According to Lauren, “I picketed funerals, churches, and public assemblies shouting messages of hatred-against the U.S. government and specifically against homosexuals-as part of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.”

In 2008, after criticizing the church’s authority on their ethics and rules, she was expelled from being a member of the church. Consequently, she and her family had a broken relationship, and there is no info regarding her reunion with her family. However, her father and siblings were also dismissed from the church after some years.

At 22, after she was cast out of the church, she started a new life without her family and re-examined everything she was taught.

From her experiences, she wrote a book, Banish: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church and became popular after the publication. The book appeared on the New York Best Sellers list on March 30, 2013. The book summarized her experiences and expulsion from the Westboro Baptist Church, and it created a lot of rumors and controversies among her fans.

Lauren Drain Husband | Daughter

Lauren Drain
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Who is Lauren’s Husband? Lauren Drain is happily married to David Kagan. They both got married in 2013. David Kagan (@theiobot) is an Instagram model, an adventurer seeker who has been to 44 countries, and a Cubical Life Escapee. Lauren Drain and her husband live together with their daughter, Aria Skye.

Lauren Drain net worth

In 2021, Lauren Drain net worth was estimated to be $3 million. She earns from her fitness training and modeling. However, she hasn’t revealed her salary.

Lauren Drain Reddit

Lauren Drain is on Reddit, and you can connect with her through I am Lauren Drain, former Westboro Baptist Church member & author of BANISHED. Ask Me Anything. She has been responding to questions regarding her membership in the WBC at 15.

While responding to questions regarding her viewpoints on homosexuality now, Lauren Drain clarified that it is not her place to judge others. Moreover, she said she has apologized to everyone who was hurt as she can only judge people more for character than who they are attracted to.

Lauren Drain Instagram | Lauren Drain Facebook Page

Lauren Drain
source: Instagram

Lauren is a popular social media star who is very active on her social media profiles. She has more than 3.8 million followers on her verified Instagram page, where she shares photos of her Bikini shots and fitness routines. Besides that, the popular fitness model has populated her Facebook page with about 2 million followers.

Lauren Drain TikTok account | Lauren Drain Twitter account

Lauren has about 38.3k, and 450k followers on her Twitter and TikTok accounts. Moreover, she has a youtube channel in her name with over 30k subscribers where she posts videos about fitness and diets.


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