Nicole Mejia Biography: Fitness Icon To Millions Around The World.

Nicole Mejia Biography: Fitness Icon To Millions Around The World.

Once upon a time, a woman who is now an inspiration for women all across the globe was bullied and ridiculed because of her fat and chubby body stature.

This is because of the stereotypes surrounding a certain body type. The teasing got to her then because she lacked a sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

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Who is Nicole Mejia today?

Nicole Mejia even though she lacked self-esteem as a child and teenager, was not defeated by her fears and what people think about her.

She had to break free after completing high school by training to get fit and healthy.

Mejia went all out to show and make people learn that you should not be what people think of you. You can actually become better by the decisions you make each day in your life.

Nicole Mejia is quite a woman with a positive attitude, and a high energy level. In fact, she is perfect with a firm and healthy body.

You can only understand what we mean from the above statements if you get to know her better. Let’s get to it.

Nicole Mejia Instagram

Nicole Mejia Instagram is here

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Biography of Nicole Mejia, Age, and Other Things You Should Know About Her

Here are the things you should know about Nicole Mejia, a renowned Model and Fitness Expert:

  • Early Life and Education
  • Nicole Mejia birthday
  • Career
  • Nicole Mejia age 2021
  • Achievement
  • Impact created
  • Hobby
  • Nicole Mejia Instagram
  • Nicole Mejia Net Worth 2021
  • Is Nicole Mejia single?

Early Life and Education

Nicole Mejia, a very social and people person, was born on November 18, 1988, in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

She was born into a family of mixed Colombian and Italian descent which involves their parents, Mejia, and three others, including her younger sister named Noella.

From her life experience as a child, for Mejia, her father remains the most important person in her life. This is as a result of his moral strength and persona that he invested in her which made Nicole have confidence and belief in herself.

In the aspect of education, Mejia only graduated from a high school in her hometown and then moved on with devoting her time and energy to keeping fit and looking good.

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Nicole Mejia birthday

November 18


This American model and fitness instructor started her career by chance. This means it was never in her mind to become a model but one thing leads to another.

Mejia just volunteered to help her friend as a model for a photography portfolio.

It didn’t stop there, she found herself and soon started shooting for local photographers and brands.

Through this career option, her curvaceous figure started to bring her to fame.

After some time in modeling, the career launched her into starting her fitness company ‘Fit and Thick’ in 2013.

A means to use and motivate women around the world to have and exhibit a positive outlook in life and make effort towards establishing and maintaining a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle.

She became more famous as the leader of the “fit and thick” movement.

Her training session is divided into two – the first one is high-intensity interval training and circuit-style weight training, and secondly dieting and nutrition.

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Nicole Mejia age 2021

She is 33 years.

Impact Created

Nicole out of experience focused and dedicated her time to bring out the best in women especially those that might be in her past situation.

Through her company Fit and Thick, she maps out ways and encourages women on:

  • how to use natural and holistic ways to get healthier and fitter.
  • She brilliantly takes time to educate women about the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet and why they should go on with it as a lifestyle.
  • Nicole has really inspired women to break free from stereotypes surrounding a certain body type and the constant torment by people, chasing their dreams and aspirations.


  • Nicole Mejia has accumulated massive fans of over 1.4 million following her Instagram account.
  • Today, She is one of the richest fitness trainers in the world and her estimated net worth of $10 million is a great achievement through just modeling and being a fitness instructor.

Nicole Mejia Net Worth 2021

She is worth over $10 million.


  • Nicole mainly loves spending time with loved ones during her free time.
  • She loves working out and dancing.
  • Having coffee and sushi makes her happy.

Is Nicole Mejia single?

Nicole is single, however, she had at least one relationship before.


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Nicole Mejia Biography: Fitness Icon To Millions Around The World.

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