Pat Sajak Biography: TV Personality (The Wheel Of Fortune)

Here is Pat Sajak Biography, a TV Personality who has been anchoring a popular game show, the Wheel Of Fortune.

The game show, Wheel Of Fortune has made Pat Sajak to be popularly known as a highly-skilled TV personality worldwide. This particular game show didn’t just give him fame but also fortune.

We emphasized this because, Pat Sajak is one person that struggled from poverty since his early days, through determination, he was able to change his fortune.

One job led to another but Pat accepting the offer to be the host of the game show ‘Wheels of Fortune’ in 1983 turned his life around positively.

Let’s give you more details about his life for more understanding.

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Pat Sajak Biography

Here are the things you need to know about Pat Sajak, American Television Personality.

  • Early Life and Education
  • Career
  • Achievements
  • Pat Sajak Net worth
  • Who is Pat Sajak Married To?

Early Life and Education

Patrick Leonard Sajak was born on October 26 1946 in Chicago, Illinois, the United States to Leonard Anthony Sajak, and Joyce Helen. His parents were factory workers and they worked hard to ensure that they survived.

William Backal is his half-brother and David Sajak is his brother. They were not born with silver spoons, but now, things have changed and they are doing well.

The financial status of Pat Sajak did not define him; instead, he worked towards breaking loose the chains of poverty in his life.

Another event that affected him at a young age was the separation of his parents and his mother had to marry another man after the divorce. He really went through emotional stress as a result of this. He was also a baseball freak.

For his education, Pat attended Farragut High School. On completion of his studies there in 1964, he began to look for a job. He found his first job as a desk clerk at a Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, and at the same time, enrolled at Columbia College, Chicago, to continue his education.

While in college, Pat was granted an offer to host a radio show, from midnight until 6 in the morning. It was tasking for him; working and studying but he just have to manage his studies along with the radio job.

Gradually, he came to love what he was doing and then realized that entertaining people was something he would love to do. This set the pace for his career.

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Pat Sajak began his hosting career while in college with the radio host job he got while studying.

After that, in 1968, he joined the US Army and was doing the job of the disc jockey on Armed Forces Radio and successfully hosted a radio show ‘An Officer and a Movie.’

He later had to quit as a result of the controversy when he cut off President Nixon’s Christmas broadcast, directed to the army personnel stationed in Vietnam.

Pat’s stepping stone towards his anchoring career was when he started working as a DJ early in the 1970s.

Through this job, he became popular, and he was offered another job; a voiceover job at NBC’s ‘Today’s Show,’ which quickly set the path into anchoring.

Later on, he also accepted the job offer from ‘KNBC-TV’ looking for a weatherman in the late 70s.


In 1980, he hosted two game show pilots – ‘Press Your Luck’ for Ralph Edwards and ‘Puzzlers’ for Mark Goodson.

In 1981, the channel needed a host for their game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and Pat was found suitable for the show by the management. The decision didn’t go well with many within the network, but many others supported this move.

After the appointment, he didn’t start the show immediately rather in 1982, he took a cameo role in the comedy film, “Airplane II: The Sequel,” as a newscaster.

He actually began hosting the show – Wheel of Fortune in 1983, both the daytime and the evening versions, and this lasted for six years.

Later, he discontinued the daytime version and continued with prime time. He was really loved through the show.

Not much later, he was now hosting a few other programs, like, a late-night talk show for ‘CBS,’ ‘Larry King Live in CNN’, ‘Dream House’ and ‘Just Men.’ These were just for some time.

Also in 1983, he appeared in the soap opera, “Days of Our Lives,” as Kevin Hathaway and in the popular kid’s animation show ‘Rugrats’ as himself.

Then he appeared recurrently from 1984 to 1989 in another game show, “Super Password,” and a guest appearance in the game shows, “Dream House,” and “Just Men!”

He also hosted his own night talk show, “The Pat Sajak Show” which lasted for two years from 1989 to 1990.

In the year 2001, he made a one-episode appearance on the sitcom ‘The King of Queens.’ and in 2003, he started the show, “Pat Sajak Weekend,” which premiered every Sunday night with the Fox News Channel.

In 2007, Pat created and came out with his own puzzle game ‘Lucky Letters,’ which was just one among others.

currently, he serves as a director of the ‘Eagle Publishing House,’ which happens to be a conservative institution.

Aside from that, he is a board member of the Board of Trustees at Hillsdale College, Michigan. He serves as the vice-chairman as well as serving the ‘Claremont Institute’ on their board of directors.

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Pat Sajak Networth

Pat is known as one of the richest TV show hosts and his net worth is estimated at $65 million.

How much does Pat Sajak make?

Pat Sajak makes $312,500 every workday, and for every show, he makes $52,083. For every show, Pat Sajak’s partner, Vanna White makes $34,722.

How much does Pat Sajak make per episode? Pat Sajak earns $312,500 per workday and $52,083 per show whereas Vanna White earns $34,722 per show.

Who is Pat Sajak Married To?

Pat Sajak was married to Sherrill Sajak in 1979, however, they divorced in 1986 and, got married to Lesly Brown in 1989 and they are living happily together.

The popular TV show personality remarried three years after his divorce.  He met and started a relationship with Lesly Brown and married her on December 31, 1989.

Their marriage is blessed with a daughter and a son – Maggie Sajak, Patrick Michael James Sajak.

They all live together as a family in a massive mansion in Maryland, with a second home in Los Angeles.


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Pat Sajak Biography: TV Personality (The Wheel Of Fortune).

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