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Terri Trey Gowdy net worth has not been available to the public and, if to be estimated, could be about $250 000. However, her husband, a renowned lawyer and politician, Trey Gowdy net worth is available, and we will briefly tell you about it. Check Joe Manchin Net worth.

In 2016, Terri Trey Husband had an estimated net worth of $79 999, and his greatest assets were up to about $375 000. It has changed in 2022, and if to be compared, there is an exponential growth in his wealth and assets.

Terri Trey Gowdy husband is a one-time federal prosecutor and a solicitor who has become a TV news personality. He is a famous American lawyer and politician, a member of the Republican party who spent eight years in the United States House of representatives. Trey Gowdy’s net worth or total assets mainly depends on his salary, investments in shares, and other entitlements as an American politician. Read Deshaun Watson Net worth.

Let’s look at Trey Gowdy net worth before continuing with Terri Trey Gowdy’s biography, Children and her Christian faith.

Trey Gowdy net worth

$500 thousand.

In 2022, Trey Gowdy net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand. 

Gowdy net worth is mainly dependent on the salary from his political career. It has been documented that when he was still serving as a member of congress, his annual salary was about $174 000. 

You may wonder why the congressman is not very rich. Reasons could be that he’s been serving for a long time in the United States house of representatives, and it is known that public servants don’t make much money. Trey Gowdy has investments in some liabilities worth about $150 000. Read also Toto Wolff Net Worth 2022.

However, some Congressmen are rich because they might have been wealthy before becoming public servants. So, we may not want to compare them with Trey Gowdy.

Who is Terri Trey Gowdy?

Terri Gowdy is a one-time beauty queen married to a popular American lawyer and politician. Her choice of profession is an identification of what she loves most. Terri Gowdy abandoned her beauty queen profession for teaching and she’s so proud of it.

In order to impart knowledge to people and contribute to humanity, she settled for the teaching profession, thereby giving up on her beauty pageantry career. Her life and quiet personality are commendable as she is not just a teacher but a devoted wife and good mother to her children. She has succeeded in making her family a Godly home through dedication and a good heart inherited from her parents.

Terri Gowdy is one such woman when you want to talk about women of the solid Christian faith. Even her husband, Trey Gowdy, readily attests to this fact. 

Terri Trey Gowdy Biography

Terri Trey Gowdy was born on September, 11,1961, in Spartanburg, South Carolina, into a Christian home of Frank Dillard, an army veteran. The latter served as Councilman for Spartanburg country and Pat Dillard. Her birth name was Terri Dillard. But, she later changed Terri Trey Gowdy after her husband, Trey Gowdy.

Terri parents were committed members of First Baptist Church in Spartanburg. So, she already knew how to relate with the Lord before she met her husband. It is obvious how her relationship with God has influenced everything about her. 

At an early stage, her parents started teaching her the value of having a relationship with God, and she accepted her Christian faith and grew with it. Terri spent her life in Spartanburg even after marriage.

She was stunning as a child and grew up into a beautiful and charming woman. As a result of her beauty, Terri participated in different beauty pageants. Get To Know Nonie Creme Net Worth.


Terri first started with a modelling career that seemed promising initially. Through her participation in different beauty pageants, she once was a one-time second runner-up in the ‘ Miss South Carolina beauty pageant and wore the crown of ‘ Miss Spartanburg.’

She was doing well and very successful in her modelling career before changing her mind to the noble teaching profession for reasons best known to her.

She first started her teaching career as an assistant teacher on this decision. Currently, Terri works as the first-grade teacher at Anderson Mill Elementary School, Spartanburg.

Her teaching career is not just for her students but also her children. In her spare time, which her teaching job grants her, she uses it to take care of her home and husband and impact her children’s knowledge and mindset of God. Check out KaDee Strickland Net Worth.


She loves the things of God and also likes dogs. She keeps dogs as pets, and she values them so much. She has named them Judge, Jury, and Bailiff.

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Terri Trey Gowdy Husband

Terri is married to Trey Gowdy, a lawyer, prosecutor, and popular Republican politician. Trey is younger as she is three years older than him. The couple met in their church during a youth program.

They first started as friends, but as time went on and one thing led to the other, they started dating before they finally exchanged their marital vows in 1989.

The couple both live together with their two children – Watson Gowdy (son), born in 1983, and Abigail Gowdy ( daughter), born in 1998, raising them in the way of the Lord.

She supported her husband’s political and legal career until he retired from politics in January 2018. She is an accurate description of ‘ behind every successful man, there is a woman.’

However, their grown children seem to be interested in their father’s career, or rather we should say that they are following in their father’s footsteps. After Watson Gowdy studied at Clemson University, he enrolled at Washington School of Law. Likewise, Abigail, who studied at South Carolina University, also has plans to go to Law School.


Terri Trey Gowdy Kids are Watson Gowdy (son) and Abigail Watson (daughter). Watson Gowdy was born in 1983, and Abigail Watson was born in 1998.

Both Watson and Abigail seem to follow their father’s career. After Watson completed his studies at Clemson University, he furthered to Washington law school. Also, Abigail, after she completed her studies at South Carolina University, had plans to further to a law school.

Indeed, Terri and Trey’s faith has influenced their two kids. They are very particular about their faith and have taught their kids to have faith and be patient with whatever they need. Read also Teresa Earnhardt.

Facts About Terri You Should Know

  • Terri is not on any social media. She has not shared any pictures on the internet because she is not on any medium to do so. Her few pictures available on the internet are shared by family members.
  • She loves animals and has three dogs she is caring for.
  • Terri is very used to Spartanburg in South Carolina. Spartanburg in South Carolina is where she was born and raised, and she continued to live there even after she was married.




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