Robyn Hayward Bio Age and Height: The Star Volleyballer in High School

Robyn Hayward Bio, Age and Height: The Star Volleyballer in High School.

Robyn Hayward is the wife of Gordon Hayward, who plays basketball for Charlotte Hornet of the NBA.

She is a talented athlete and social media personality. Interestingly, at a young age, the values of generosity and charity were instilled in her by her parents.

On her own part, she practically took on the path of charity too. Therefore, we can say that charity runs in their blood. This is a very good one.

Their philanthropic acts are evident from the fact that they adopted a baby girl from the country, who they named Maggie. Robyn accommodated her and treated her like her sister.

Right now, one of the things that are very important in Robyn’s life is philanthropy. She is currently involved with handing out food to the needy with members of her church and engaged in other volunteer opportunities.

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Even though she chose not to continue improving her talent after she left high school for reasons best known to her, she is still a skillful player and well talented.
Maybe she will consider going back to her career in the future.

However, as a social media personality, she has more than 80,000 followers on her Instagram page. She shares fitness tips and much more.

Her family is well known on social media as she also shares photographs of her children and husband Gordon’s professional career on her Instagram page.

Through her social media sites, you will observe that her faith is an important part of her life. She often posts motivational and spiritual messages and she shares her beliefs as well.

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Robyn Hayward Bio, Age and Height: The Things You Should Know About Robyn Hayward.

Here are the things you need to know about Robyn Hayward, The Volleyballer, and Philanthropist.

  • Early Life and Education
  • Robyn Hayward Age 2021
  • Career
  • Robyn Hayward Height
  • Achievements
  • Marriage

Early Life and Education

Robyn Van Vliet, now Robyn Hayward was born on April 8, 1994, in Indiana, USA. She grew up in a philanthropic home and she lives it as a way of life.

They owned and managed a school in Guatemala in which they reach out to children and adults to teach them various forms of art. Moreover, they offered education in carpentry, art, and baking.

She grew to have strong athletic desire and passion which showed in her young age and also excelled in academics. This contributed to her participating in volleyball right from High School.

For her education, she attended Bishop Chatard High School located in Indianapolis. A school named after the first Bishop in the history of the city, Bishop Silas Chatard.

During her time in the school, she joined the volleyball team. In her penultimate year, she had already led her school to Indiana State Title (3A category)

Upon completion of her education in High School, she then took up a one-year course on cosmetology. She didn’t go to college.

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Robyn Hayward Age 2021

She is 27 years old.


She is a talented Volleyballer that has done well in volunteer work, and through her fitness interests educates the public.

Robyn Hayward Height

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall while her husband is 6 feet 8 inches tall. So, her husband is 1 foot 3 inches taller than her.


Right from High School, Robyn had started counting her achievements.

  • She once helped her volleyball team in Bishop Chatard High School reach the state championship in 2012.
  • Robyn was considered among the top four players from her school and ranked among the Top four volleyball players in the whole state of Indiana by Max Preps.


Robyn is married to the professional basketball player Gordon Hayward.

Her husband plays for the National Basketball Association (NBA) team.

They started dating in July 2013.

Their romantic engagement took place on December 25, 2013, (Christmas Eve), right after her husband Hayward graduated from high school.

They finally got married on May 24, 2014, at St Simon the Apostle Church in their hometown.

The Gordon Haywards’ resides in Boston, Massachusetts with their four children:

  • Bernadette Marie (first daughter)
  • Charlotte Margaret (second daughter)
  • Nora May ( third daughter) and
  • Gordon Theodore Hayward, their only son.

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Frequently asked questions about Robyn and Gordon Hayward

Here are a few frequent questions about Robyn and Gordon Hayward you may wish to find the answer to:

  • Did Gordon Hayward’s wife have the baby yet?
  • Who is Gordon Hayward’s wife?
  • What was Gordon Hayward injury?
  • What is Gordon Hayward’s salary?
  • How much is Hayward worth?
  • Who does Gordon Hayward play for now 2021?
  • Gordon Hayward Instagram?

Did Gordon Hayward’s wife have the baby yet?


Robyn has four children. three daughters and one son

Who is Gordon Hayward’s wife?

Gordon Hayward’s wife is Robyn

What was Gordon Hayward’s injury?

According to the Charlotte Hornets, In 2020, He suffered from a right foot sprain. Right now, He is physically and sound

What is Gordon Hayward’s salary?

Gordon’s salary, 2020 was $32.7 million.

How much is Hayward worth?

Hayward has a net worth of $60 million

Who does Gordon Hayward play for now 2021?

In November 2020, Gordon agreed on a contract of $120 million for four years with the Boston Celtics and then traded to the Charlotte Hornets.

Gordon Hayward Instagram?

Here is Gordon Hayward’s Instagram link

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