Biography Of Judith L. Goldstein And Her Outstanding Impacts

Biography Of Judith L. Goldstein.

Judith L. Goldstein: Thinking Global.

In the world of International relations, America Trade Relations craves sources of light that illuminate something for them to see. This particular need gave birth to the book, Ideas, Interests and American Trade Policy (1994).

What is the light?

This book developed a common historical framework for International trade relations in America and the world at large.

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What’s the function of the light?

To give the world understanding of how international trade operates affects international affairs without exception to the history of American trade policy.

Thumbs up to Judith L. Goldstein. She’s so passionate about rendering literature that explores international trade relations and their policies.

When one makes an impact, it offers a comprehensive history of such person. Judith L. Goldstein is not an exception.

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Biography Of Judith L. Goldstein

Here is a brief biography of Judith L. Goldstein and Notable Things about her.

Clearly below are things you must know about Judith L. Goldstein, the writer of Trading in The Twenty-First Century: Is There a Role for the World Trade Organization?

● Education
● Career
● Interest
● Outstanding Impact
● Awards
● Achievement
● Other books and articles
● Academic appointments


Judith L. Goldstein studied Political Science at the University of California Berkeley and on completion, she successfully bagged BA in 1973. She didn’t stop with her first degree. I guess her determination to impact the world made her go on with obtaining a Master’s degree from Columbia University in International affairs which she completed in 1975.
In 1983, her Ph.D., her third-degree followed suit still in Political Science from University of California Los Angeles.


She is popularly known as the Janet M. Peck Professor of International Communication and the Kaye University Fellow in Undergraduate Education. Judith also joined the faculty at Stanford University in 1981. She really took the path of writing and editing, therefore, she has different books and articles to her name.


  • Her passion prompts her to research mainly on international political economy
  • Trade politics
  • Political requisites for trade liberalization basically on both tariff bargaining and public preferences.
  • With interest in how economic hard times influences public opinion, she analyzes a large survey panel to feed her quest with the right information.

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Outstanding Impacts

  • Judith L Goldstein works to address major foreign policy issues.
  • The world of International relations can readily beat its chest of having one person who has painstakingly treated what ought to be known or done when it comes to trade and politics especially in America.
  • Through her various works, she has provided enough literature on American trade policy.
  • She has also related international regime issues especially World Trade Organization has written extensively on them.


Her hard work earned her a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS). She is currently chair of the University Faculty Senate and the Chair of the Board for the Journal International Organization.


Judith L. Goldstein has done well for herself and her diligence really paid. Unarguably, she is one of the leading scholars of international trade relations in the United States and a renowned Political Scientist all over the world.

Books and Publications

She has written and edited books including:

  • Ideas, Interests, and American Trade Policy. (1994)
  • The Evolution of the Trade Regime: Politics, Law and Economics of the GATT and the WTO.
  • Is There a Future for Multilateral Trade Agreements? ( Chapter in The Handbook of Trade Global Policy 2020).
  • The Limits of International Reform in The United States and The Global Trade Regime. Oxford University Press,2017
  • Trading in The Twenty-First Century: Is There a Role for the World Trade Organization? ( Annual Review of Political Science)
  • Muslim and Jewish Women: Historical and Cultural Contexts. Routledge,2016.
  • Legalization and World Politics, editor (2001)
  • International Institutions, co-editor (2010)

Biography Of Judith L. Goldstein

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