Daniel Petry Biography: Where Is Daniel Petry Now?

Daniel Petry Biography | Where Is Daniel Petry Now? 

Do you recall the tale about a 16-year-old guy assaulting and killing a 12-year-old over a little scam?

Daniel Petry is a convicted murderer from Brazil who murdered Gabriel Kuhn, a 12-year-old boy. The terrifying episode occurred in 2007. After rapping for an internet scam in a computer game, Petry, who had a history of violent outbursts, beat up a little youngster and eventually killed him.

Kuhn allegedly refused to refund the $1.75 that he had borrowed to purchase coins in the online game Tibia. Daniel went to the boy’s residence, beat him up, sexually molested him, and then killed him by cutting his torso.

He was eventually sentenced to three years in a juvenile prison facility. People are concerned about his current whereabouts more than a decade after the tragedy, as we discuss the available information below.

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Daniel Petry Biography

Daniel Philip Petry was born in the Brazilian town of Blumenau in the state of Santa Catarina in 1991. Her early life, biography, educational background, and family are unknown. Daniel Petry became well-known after his involvement in a murder investigation.

Tweets About The Crime

In July 2007, 16 year old Daniel Petry, furious with his 12 year old friend Gabriel Kuhn over ripping him off in the #TibiaMMO game…tortured, raped, and mutilated his corpse. Then happily admitted it when caught. https://t.co/pDPXpIBb0S pic.twitter.com/NMZuMQZZUC

— Matt Jarbo (@mjarbo) June 6, 2021

Daniel Petry (14)
Asesino a su vecino, Daniel Kuhun de 10 años por ganar una partida de un videojuego online.
Ya que vivían cerca, entró a la casa de más chico, lo violó entonces este lo amenazó con denunciarlo, Petry lo estranguló con un cable hasta que se desmayó. pic.twitter.com/PUEnHKWcv4

— ༄ ? ? ? ? (@cryingforgoogie) January 21, 2020

Where Is Daniel Petry Now?

Daniel Petry is now believed to be in Brazil, where he was born, but he has vanished from the outsider’s radar. Petry was sentenced to three years in a juvenile correctional camp following the court’s decision.

He was released three years after his term, in 2010, and the person has vanished entirely since then. He can’t be found on any social media sites, and the internet media can’t figure out where he is right now.

There is no current information that provides the most recent intel about him.

Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case

This is what was revealed regarding Gabriel Kuhn’s murder case, according to an anonymous recipient’s report. Gabriel Kuhn, a 12-year-old boy, became a buddy of Daniel’s, and they spoke frequently. Gabriel once asked Daniel if he could borrow 20,000 Tibia’s virtual currency online.

Daniel agreed to Gabriel’s word that he would return it. Daniel began to demand the virtual currency promised to him, but Gabriel chose to keep it and exclude him from his virtual contacts.

This angered him, and on the morning of July 23, 2007, he knocked on Gabriel’s door. Daniel closed and locked the door behind him after Gabriel opened it, let him in, and then beat Gabriel viciously.

Daniel also raped him during the thrashing. Daniel yanked the game system power cord from Gabriel’s neck and wrapped it around his neck as he battered and raped him once more while choking him with the cable.

Daniel chose to bury the body under a crawl space trap door in a hallway. He then obtained a knife from the kitchen and a sawing from the garage to remove the legs and lessen the torso’s weight.

Gabriel’s right leg was entirely severed, and Daniel then proceeded to chop Gabriel’s torso in half. According to the autopsy, Gabriel was still alive when his legs were sawn off. Daniel tried but failed to cram the youngster into the crawl space trapdoor.

He then dumped the bloodied body at the hallway trap door and the legs next to the hacksaw in the corridor. Daniel Petry was arrested shortly after and acknowledged all the crimes without hesitation or regret.

While recounting his time with Gabriel, he astounded detectives with the detail he provided about every action and feeling he experienced. Only after denying any claims of rape did he become enraged and yell.

On the other hand, medical examiners had conclusive evidence that Gabriel had been sodomized several times. Daniel Petry was sentenced in September to only three years of socio-educational punishment after being admitted to a juvenile delinquent centre.

“Gabriel was a coward and a thief,” Daniel remarked when asked by the Judge if he had any final words of remorse or apology for his acts or Gabriel’s family. In his last media interview, Daniel claimed, “He cheated, and I will hold him accountable for his actions; as he indicated, there is Heaven and Hell, and he is in Hell; I will follow him down and exact retribution.”

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