Biography of Emily Alemika: A Professor of Law

Biography of Emily Alemika: The First Female Professor of Law in Kogi State

Could Emily Alemika get to where she is now or even becoming the first female professor of Law in Kogi State if she had given up on herself?

Of course not.

She is a true definition of determination and a self-conscious woman. A woman is not limited by what surrounds her.

This erudite Professor as a child was a victim of child labor and as a result that couldn’t start school on time. Today she is recognized as a Nigerian Lawyer and educator.

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She is worthy of emulation, so let’s get to know her better.

Biography of Emily Alemika

● Prof. Emily Alemika Early Life
● Education
● Career
● Marriage life
● Achievement
● Impact created

Prof. Emily Alemika Early life

Emily Alemika was born on January 1, 1957, in ODO-APE, Kogi State, Nigeria into a family that later became a broken home. Her parents were Hassanat Taiwo and Reuben Alemeru.

Due to circumstances at that time, she worked for different people just to make earns meet which wasn’t helping at all. In one of the restaurants she worked, she
only earned sixpence per month. She continued to reshuffle work until her father demanded that she comes back in 1968.

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Alemika’s education we would say should give hope to the hopeless. At the age of 15 was when she started her primary education at Saint Bartholomew’s Primary School, in ODO-APE even though it seems she is too old for it. She could have stopped but she didn’t. For her secondary education, she attended Bishop Smith Memorial College of Ilorin. Afterward, she enrolled at Teacher’s Training College to complete her basic studies in Kwara State.

After her marriage, her husband encouraged her to add more to her education so decided to do a diploma in law at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria.

Fortunately, as her husband was on a scholarship in the United States of America, she used the opportunity to enroll at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and obtained her master’s degree in Criminal Justice. On her return to Nigeria, she enrolled at the University of Jos and obtained a degree in Law.

Still, on knowledge pursuit, between 1993 and 1995, she studied information sciences in Ibadan. Finally, she obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Jos in 2014.
By this, she became the first woman from Kogi State to be a Law Professor.

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Emily Alemika started her career with P&T Post Telecommunications in Lagos. She only worked there for two years.

After her Master’s degree program, she worked in the investigative division of the Nigeria Police Force, for one year.

On completion of her degree program in Law, she worked at the University of Jos Law Library for a year but returned in 2004. In that same year, she took on teaching Law in that same institution.

She has served as editor-in-chief of the Departmental and Faculty Journal since 2009.
She also served on the Nigerian Senate Committee on Gender Issues between 2007 and 2010.

In October 2014, upon completion of her Ph.D. studies, she was appointed to the Faculty of Law.

She is presently the Head of the Department of Public Law and the Editor of Public Law and Constitutional Practice (a Departmental Journal) of the Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law-University of Jos.

Marriage Life

She is married to Etanibi Alemika, who is also a Professor. From the record, her husband was and is her source of inspiration. Through his encouragement, she did her diploma in Law as well as her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Then finally a degree in Law.
They are blessed with four children– a set of twins and others.

Emily Alemika Achievements

Going through her achievements, we will be looking at her different publications which she was able to research and publish. They include:

  • Intelligence Gathering and Community Policing as Panacea for Crime Control Mechanisms and Security Measures in Society.
  • The Nigeria Nation in Perspective; Humanity Jos Journal of General Studies Jos.
  • Legal Framework for Juvenile Justice in Africa: A Critical Analysis from the Nigerian Perspective.
  • Comparative Analysis of juvenile justice in Africa with focus on Nigeria.
  • Corruption and Good Governance in Nigeria, and many others.

Impact Created

Emily Alemika through practicing human rights law works on issues that affect the vulnerable, women and children. She makes sure to encourage and mentor people to pursue education.

She is really passionate about human rights and that’s why her research do focus on child’s rights, juvenile justice, rights of women, Criminal justice ( police courts and prisons system), Legal Research, and dispensation of justice.

Biography of Emily Alemika: The First Female Professor of Law in Kogi State.

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