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Mybslhr login page is open to all staff of Brookdale Senior Living to sign in and access their benefits and other important work info or updates. I have created a simple guide for you to access this platform. 

As an employee, always login to the Mybslhr portal so you won’t miss any information regarding your work or reward. It could be a shift in your schedule or something else. Generally, it is important to access your account daily in case of an emergency update.

Besides emergency info, all your salary details are available on this site and accessing it often can help you to detect any error.

The Brookdale Senior Living

This is a humanitarian-based company that provides its services to senior citizens of th US. they are committed to helping elderly people in any condition. This company can care for people struggling with memory loss, vision, and other aged-health-related issues. 

Popularly known as a senior living solutions provider company, they have proved beyond doubt that they can deliver their services. Since 1978 when it began, they have been consistent in its goals, and that is not changing in the coming years.

How does relate to Brookdale Senior Living?

Workers can now enter their online accounts without constantly calling their HR personnel.

This platform has been developed to assist in managing some of the employer’s duties. 

With over seventy thousand workers, creating a web portal is the only way to manage all the staff in one place. 

Mybslhr is an employee platform or an online site for staff to log in and view their payment and reward status. 

While they have this platform to check out their benefits, they can also make some applications using this site. Such applications like leave, off days, and some work-related applications should have been done through the HR office but can be processed through this portal.

If you are an employee and your registration details [account details] are ready, check out the login steps below.

Mybslhr Login Steps

Ensure you have a functioning device and active internet connectivity before logging in.

Feel free to use the portal whenever you choose; there is no restriction on how often you can log in.

Here is a simple guide to help you log in:

  • Type the site name and search for it on the web browser, preferably Chrome, or click  to begin the process.
  • Enter your login details as requested in the popup box. Confirm if they are correct, then move to the next thing.
  • To finish signing in, press Sign in at the bottom of the page.

If you cannot sign in and are unsure of your password details, you can proceed to reset and create a new password. To do so, click on forgot password and proceed with the process.

Reset your Mybslhr account password

There are two reasons why you should get a new password for your account. 

First, if you cannot remember the old one, the next reason is if you feel someone else has seen it. To ensure your account is safe, try resetting it.

To create a new password:

  • Check out
  • Enter your account details to confirm you are the right owner
  • You’ll be taken to the next page, where you can reset.
  • If your user ID is correct, then type in the new one
  • Click done.


The organization’s database contains all your employment information once you begin working for any branch. 

Additionally, employees can get information on leave, staff perks, pay stubs, vacation time, leave grants, arrears, meal stipends, time cards, and other crucial data.

It is an online platform where employees may file concerns, which are then forwarded to the relevant departments for review and action.

There are all the instructions that the person would need. All adjustments will be visible if personnel data changes, such as promotions, bonuses, or assignment rescheduling.

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