What are the Top 8 Best Clothing Brands For American Men?

Have we compiled a list of the Top Best Clothing Brands For American Men?

Over the years, the USA has been well represented in men’s clothing with unique aesthetics, exactly what fashion freaks want for their money and refreshing wardrobe.

Our top list of these Clothing Brands For American Men will help you find the right brand for your style, money, and time ranging from everyday underwear to apparel for special occasions. They fulfill quality standards.

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The Top 8 Best Clothing Brands For American Men You Should Consider

  1. Patagonia
  2. Buck Mason
  3. Taylor Stitch
  4. Filson
  5. Everlane
  6. Todd Snyder
  7. Outerknown
  8. Ralph Lauren


Clothing Brands For American Men

Over the years from its existence, Patagonia has been committed to designing clothing for outdoor men, including insulated jackets, outerwear, puffer coats, trousers, jeans, and sweaters.

Their brand speaks durability and sustainability, giving you confidence when you wear them. You can get their Jeans in short, long, or regular styles.

Maintaining high-quality is their standard as their sweaters boast of being made of new recycled fabrics that you can be proud of once you purchase them.

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Buck Mason

Clothing Brands For American Men

Buck Mason has been in existence since 2013 in Los Angeles, California, designing and catering for men’s wardrobes and at the same time rendering quality and style.

Its offerings include t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, shorts, and others. It is sure to clothe you with the high-quality, fashionable appearance you crave for.

You can shop online or at any of their brick-and-mortar locations for simple but stunning clothes. Trending clothing is also one of their offerings you stand to gain as you make up your mind today to purchase any of their products.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch has existed since 2007 in California. Founded by three friends, it focuses on creating casual garments and catering for men’s wardrobe needs.

Recycled and regenerative fibers are its sourced materials for production. This way, they assist in sustaining the environment.

It is a great stop by brand for men looking for style, fitting, and quality. Taylor Stitch comes with benefits and just the right plug for you.


Filson is the American brand for outdoor lovers who cannot compromise when enjoying nature, even cold outside.

It is known for its protective measures by offering high-quality, durable outerwear and heavy-duty jackets. It has also become a household name that serves you anytime, any day.


Think of transparency; think of Everlane. They prioritize customers knowing about what they are purchasing and where they are getting it from and a transparent pricing system that indicates the margins and costs of their products to customers.

In 2010, Everlane designed clothes for men and women with ethically sourced materials from hand-selected factories worldwide.

Everlane is a proven brand that cares for its customers by going for the best clothing manufacturers. You are sure to look your best once you purchase Everlane products.

Todd Snyder

This New York brand, Todd Snyder, started by designing for Polo Ralph Lauren and Gap before he founded his label.

He collaborates with Red Wing Shoes, Timex, and Champion to offer high-fashion quality clothing from their sweaters to socks. You are in the right place for the best American clothing brands, such as stunning and unique suit that spells distinction.


Outerknown is a clothing brand dedicated to offering a great look and sustaining the environment through organic and recycled fabrics.

Founded by World Champion surfer Kelly Slater, their production ensures a sustainable style for men and women outdoors.

In need of clothing with comfort and style, whether heavy-duty or down coats, Outerknown is the right brand to go for.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a household name for men’s clothing with years of proven taste worldwide in fashion and style.

Ralph Lauren is the right plug for smart-casual clothing, including Polo shirts, sweaters with style, Oxford button-downs, chinos, without exception to sportswear, and haute couture. You can also get their colognes.

That’s all We have compiled on the Top Best Clothing Brands For American Men. We’ll keep you updated as we find other ones to satisfy your needs.

Our compiled list is not exhausted, but you will find it helpful for your shopping. Enjoy!!.

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