How to get OEC Online in Dubai 2022 [10 Steps]

If you are a Philippine citizen working in Dubai, you can get your OEC online from any location. Upon leaving Dubai for a holiday in the Philippines, you must provide it as an OFWs [overseas Filipino worker] before you can return. An online portal is now available to process your registration and get your certificate.

The POEA [Philippines Overseas Employment Administration] is responsible for processing and scheduling when it will be available. Using this website, you may quickly download your valid certificate from anywhere. Always ensure that it is up to date, so you won’t get stranded you it is necessary.

We’ll look at getting it and exempting it in this post. To access your certificate digitally, follow these procedures. The website is the portal for all OCE procedures. 

As an employee departing the Philippines, If you do not have an OEC, you risk being unable to finish their verification or being stopped by an airport official. Before leaving, you must ensure that you have this certificate.

If it expires while you are away from home, you can register for a new one through the place where you will be working so that you can come back to return to your state.

You may bypass the first two stages if you’ve previously created an account on the website.

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How to Get OEC Online in Dubai 2022

1. Set up an account

OEC online

Any browser may be used to access the website You must agree to the service conditions before clicking sign up now after providing the necessary information in the registration box.

Because you cannot modify your email id after joining, you must be cautious while typing it.

2. Email confirmation

Open your email and click the verification link you received from the BM website. If, in the process, you cannot find the link, check your spam box or the all mail section.

3. Sign in with your OEC number

OEC online

After registering a profile, log in by providing your information to access it. After signing in, provide the latest certificate code in the textbox, then click Submit. If you need help remembering your password, send an email [email protected].

4. Lost your certificate Number

Tap on the other link to set up an appointment when you have lost your certificate code or if a document not found warning appears.

5. Re-join the same

You will then be questioned about returning to your previous employer or employment location. Pick either yes or no.

6. Add and update new info

Modify the previous contract information by adding the company’s name and other information. You will be required to enter the following statement on the website.

  • Your details 
  • Your Contract Info
  • Lawful Beneficiary 

Because you cannot alter a contract after registering, you must exercise caution while providing personal information. You can amend these uneditable contents by arranging a consultation and contacting the consulate.

7. Arrival time of the flight

After entering the flight information, submit the registration. Then, you can move to the next phase.

OEC online

8. Verify it’s the same company

They will request that you formally declare your intention to work for the same company. If not, you may select an appointment.

9. Obtain the certificate or a waiver

After selecting the option, you will see a pop box informing you that you have been exempted from selecting either the Acquire or Exempt alternative. The payments area will then appear.

OEC online

10. Payment

You can use one of the options listed below to deposit the one hundred Philippine pesos [100 PHP] payment plus the 19.5 philippine pesos [PHP] processing fee.

  • Banks with a teller window
  • banks over choices, like online, make the proper choice
  • using mobile payments
  • Nonbank alternatives

That is all you need to do to obtain the certificate or an exemption. Contact the airline desk with your ID if you don’t hold it when you are ready to leave.

  • Your visa is valid for more than six months.
  • Indicating the company and job placed on a VISA working visa. Then move to the immigration desk to continue your journey.

How to schedule an appointment to resolve OEC issues?

If you fit in any of the following categories, you must schedule a visit with the consulate.

  • You’ve selected a different company.
  • You work for a company that is Watch Listing you
  • You cannot enter a specific nation.
  • If you work without documentation, like visitors
  • Your transition from water to a ground employment

How to get an exemption for OEC?

You can save money and time by using the OEC’s exemption, which can be completed online.

You must possess the following to be free from paying at the website:

  • There must be your info on the current Philippines Overseas Employment Administration Database
  • Restarting with the same company
  • Visitation of the same job location
  • An existing record indicates that you have previously used any Philippines Overseas Employment Administration facility to apply for it. Before your intended departure date, you can log onto the website and confirm the progress to find out if you have been excused.
OEC online

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