UPS Store Drop Off Near Me Locations

UPS store drop off near me: There are several UPS store drop off locations in the United States and other countries of operation. This is to make it easier for you to find the nearest UPS store and get your package.

If you have ever wondered if a UPS store has a physical office and how to locate one, this post got you covered. Learn how to find and track down the nearest UPS store close to you.

The UPS store locator or UPS near me tool is available to all customers for easy location tracking. This tool has the necessary features to help you in your search and will reveal all the centers that are close to you. But, you must personalize the search base on your location to get the best result.

How To Find UPS Store Drop Off Near Me

The UPS store drop box locator is available on their website and on Google Maps. It is interesting to know that it is easier to search through their website. Moreover, you could find more options on their site than on Google Maps.

However, the choice is yours. But we will show you how to find the nearest UPS store drop off on the UPS site locator and Google map.

Follow the steps below to learn how to find nearby UPS Store customer centers on their site locator tool.


Open any browser and enter into the site address section and search. After the search, you will arrive at the first page where the process will begin.

The first thing is to select a country or region where you reside. After that, you will be on the next page to continue with the location customization.

Below here, you can find the image of the first page after entering the tool link and the arrow pointing to the location button.

So, click on ‘location’ to enter your country of residence and activate the map to all the nearby UPS store drop box in your location.

UPS Store Drop Off Near Me

Let us move to the next step


In this section, you are going to do these three things:

  • Type in your state in the search box or use the ‘use my current location’ to search for the nearby drop box.
  • Tick the ‘find a drop off location’
  • Click on the + sign beside the ‘see all options > location type > UPS customer center

After applying these filters, scroll to the bottom and click ‘find’ to filter all the UPS store drop off near me in your location.

You can follow the order in the image below to complete this step.

UPS Store Drop Off Near Me
How can you simplify the process of searching for a UPS Store Drop Off Near Me?

In the above example, we used ‘Chicago’.

However, if you are a resident of another location, say, New York, and would not want to make use of ‘use my current location’, there is no need to type in your location in the search box. Go ahead and use it to search for the nearby UPS drop box in your area.

After clicking on ‘find’, all the nearby UPS stores will appear on the map. Scroll down to find all the details of each drop box on the left side.

Moreover, if there is any location on the map where you would like to see the full details, click on the number and all the details will appear.

UPS Store Drop Off Near Me


Another way to find UPS stores nearby distribution centers is by using Google maps.

Here below, you will find a map, enter your local area and search through the map for UPS store drop off nearby.

create custom map free

Click on any of the location points to get the full details of that center. Contact customer support to track your package.

Easiest Way To Contact UPS Store Near Me Customer Center

As mentioned above, those numbers are unique for each nearby UPS store customer center. So, click on a number representing any UPS store drop off near you to get the contact details and reach the customer center.

uPS store drop off near me

Here are the details to expect after clicking the location number:

  • Customer center address
  • Phone number
  • Directions
  • ID requirement
  • Drop off times
  • Hours
  • Services

The customer center address is there to help you with the specific location where you can meet with the agents. If you are not sure of the address, there is a direction guide for you.

The direction option is available to guide you through the map. So, if you are not sure of the address, click on the directions and follow the guide on the map to the center.

The next thing is the ID requirement. It is clearly stated that you should bring a government-issued ID for identification. So, ensure to go with one.

You will find the operating hours so you won’t make the mistake to go when no one is in the office. So, check the operating hours and confirm before you visit.

Each customer center offers different services and they are listed in the service section. So, check and confirm if the kind of services you ordered is available in your nearby center. Since there are many options, you can check another one until you find one that offers what you want.

Location Filter On UPS Store Drop Off Near Me Locator

The location filter on the UPS locator site can help you to personalize your search based on time, distance, and even the mode of transport.

After clicking on the + sign beside Location Filters, all the filters appear in the drop-down menu. Here are all the items in the Location filters:

uPS store drop off near me
  • Staffed locations
  • Accepts Mobile Barcodes
  • Bill my account
  • Accepts shipping Tickets
  • Accepts restricted articles
  • Only show locations within

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