How to Fix Shein Tracking Number Not Working?

Online buying is the new norm in today’s society. Due to the rising popularity of online shopping, many merchants, like Shein, provide a tracking system to enable customers to follow the progress of their orders. Customers can check the progress of their package’s delivery and the anticipated delivery date using the tracking system. 

Customers may occasionally need Shein’s tracking number corrected, leaving them perplexed and angry. This blog post will explain the possible causes of Shein’s tracking number malfunction and offer some solutions. We will also provide some advice on preventing future tracking number problems.

Reasons why Shein tracking number is not working

There could be several causes for the need to correct Shein’s tracking number. The following are some typical causes for clients to have this problem:

  • Delivery and shipment delays

Because the shipment has yet to be delivered, Shein’s tracking number may be inaccurate occasionally. High order quantities, bad weather, or logistical problems may bring on delays in shipments.

  • Invalid or incorrect tracking number

The tracking number offered by Shein can be inaccurate or invalid. A typo, a malfunctioning system, or a bug in the technology could all cause this.

  • System error or technical glitch

The tracking number might occasionally need to be fixed due to technical problems with Shein’s tracking system.

To choose the best action to resolve the problem, it is critical to ascertain why the tracking number is malfunctioning.

Steps to fix Shein tracking number not working

Here are some steps you can take to resolve any problems you may be having with Shein’s tracking number:

  • Check if the tracking number is valid and correct

Make sure the tracking number provided by Shein is accurate by checking it twice. You can also try copying and pasting the tracking number to prevent errors rather than manually typing it.

  • Wait for a few days before checking the tracking number again

The system may occasionally take a few days to record changes, and tracking information may occasionally wait to update. Wait a few days before rechecking the tracking number if the shipment has already been dispatched.

  • For assistance, speak with Shein customer support.

Contact Shein’s team if the tracking number still needs to be fixed. They can assist you in determining the problem and offering a remedy.

  • File a complaint or request a refund if necessary

You can complain or ask for a refund if the shipment has not arrived in the anticipated time or the problem has not been fixed.

You can locate and fix the problem with Shein’s tracking number by following these steps.

Tips to avoid tracking number issues in the future

Here are some suggestions to prevent future tracking number issues:

  • Before checking the tracking number online, verify it twice.

Double-check the tracking number before putting it into the tracking system to prevent mistakes.

  • Utilize Shein’s website or mobile application to monitor the delivery status.

On Shein’s website or mobile app, frequently check the status of your deliveries. This will inform you of any modifications to the predicted delivery date and the package’s delivery status.

  • Select a trustworthy and reputable delivery service.

When placing an online order, pick a service with a solid reputation for making on-time deliveries.

  • Use a trustworthy and safe payment method.

When ordering online, make sure your payment method is secure and reputable. This will help you prevent any order-related problems and ensure your product arrives on schedule.

  • Be aware of the shipping and delivery policies

Learn about Shein’s shipping and delivery guidelines. This helps you comprehend the anticipated delivery window and what to do if there are any problems with the product.

By paying attention to these suggestions, you can reduce the likelihood that Shein’s tracking number will cause you problems in the future.


The tracking system from Shein is a great resource for tracking your product’s progress and anticipated delivery date. Customers occasionally might require assistance if Shein’s tracking number is malfunctioning. Technical errors and shipment and delivery delays are a few potential causes. 

If you are having this problem, there are actions you can do to fix it, including verifying that the tracking number is accurate, waiting a few days before rechecking the tracking number, getting in touch with Shein’s customer care staff, and, if required, complaining or demanding a refund.

it is crucial to double-check the tracking number, keep track of the delivery status, select a dependable delivery service provider, utilize a secure and dependable payment method, and be aware of Shein’s shipping and delivery regulations to prevent tracking number troubles in the future. Remembering these pointers, you may shop with Shein online easily and without fuss.

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