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Creating a email account requires you to go through their brand’s website in charge of TV and internet services, Xfinity, which is nothing to worry about. We know the easiest way to create a new Email Account, and that is what we are about to show you in this post.

Comcast email services started in 2005, and it is one of the largest providers of email services in the United States. They offer a variety of features such as virus and spam protection and email forwarding. Moreover, you can still use Comcast email with your mobile device through the web method.

In April 2021, after Xfinity took over their email internet, phone, cable TV, or home security services, the Comcast email app was terminated. This has led many to ask how they can easily access their Comcast email online from any device without the Comcast email app.

Not to worry, here is the easiest way for Email Login or Xfinity email sign-in.

In this article, you will learn how to create a email account and a few other things about Comcast email like its features and settings. Before taking you through the email account creation process, let’s mention a few things you should know about Comcast email.

Things You Should Know About Comcast Email

Comcast email is an email service of the largest cable TV provider in the United States.

However, since Comcast created a sub-brand, Xfinity in 2010, they decided to transfer most of their services to their new brand. So, Xfinity is now responsible for its cable TV, internet, phone, and home security services. That is why you see Comcast and Xfinity are common in most related searches.

After Xfinity assumed its role of managing the key services of the Comcast cooperation, email services were no more a priority so they canceled the email app.

However, customers who subscribed to any of the company’s services can still access email without any cost. But, this time, only through which is their official website.

Notwithstanding, Comcast’s email service is still effective and reliable. Many customers who have used their email before still prefer it because of the many useful features available. Here below are the top eleven features of email.

11 Comcast Email Features

Here is the range of features available for all email users:

  1. Folders: users can create and direct messages from their inbox to assigned folders.
  2. Features to reply, forward, and delete emails
  3. An advanced anti-spam filters
  4. Unique email signatures
  5. Option to auto-reply messages
  6. Option to print emails
  7. An address book
  8. A group contact list
  9. Spam filters
  10. On-screen text size
  11. Custom email views

All these features are available after creating an account on Xfinity. We are going straight to show you How to Create a Comcast Email Account.

How to Create Email Account

Before you can use the free Comcast email service, you must be a subscriber to either their internet, phone, cable TV, or home security services. So, you cannot gain free access if you have not subscribed for any of the mentioned services.

If you have patronized any of their services, you can head straight to creating your Xfinity ID. Xfinity ID is a requirement to access and manage your Comcast email with all your Xfinity services.

To create your email account, you have to first sign up for your Xfinity ID. Your Xfinity ID is what you will use to log in to your Comcast email through Follow the below steps to create your account:

How To Create Xfinity Account ID

#1. Using your choice browser, enter in the address bar to open the homepage.

#2. Navigate to where you have an email icon and tap to proceed.

Comcast Email Account

#3. You are now on the sign-in page. There is a ‘create a new Xfinity ID’ at the bottom, tap it to continue.

Comcast Email Account

#4. Creating a new Xfinity ID requires either your United States phone number or your social security number for verification. So, choose any option that’s okay for you.

Comcast Email Account           Comcast Email Account

If you choose to verify with a phone number, a code will be sent to confirm your account. So, check your message inbox and provide it in the space given.

But, if you choose to verify with the social security number, enter its last four numbers, your birth date, month and year, and the phone number that is linked to your Comcast services. Then click continue.

#5. After successful completion of the above steps, you will be required to provide your existing email for a verification link. On providing your email, check your email and open the verification link from Xfinity to verify your Xfinity account and access your email.

Now, let’s take you through how How to Check Your Comcast Email.

Check Your Comcast Email in a Few Steps

The easiest way to log into your email, that is Comcast Email Login is through the Xfinity website. However, you can also use a third-party app like Mailbird. Here, we are going to show you how to log in with

In April 2021, Xfinity canceled the Comcast email app and its users can no longer access their email through the mobile app. Not to worry, you can now access your email through Xfinity’s official website. Follow the below steps to check your Comcast email:

  • Open through any web browser
  • On the homepage, navigate to the email icon at the top right corner and click to open it.
  • On the login page, provide your Xfinity ID. You can also log in with the email, phone number, or username linked to that account.
  • After a successful sign-in to the Xfinity platform, you can now access your email features.


To Create Email Account, you can follow the steps provided in this post.


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