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After Xfinity discontinued the email app, Comcast Email Login is now available online through the web. It is simple to log in and all the features of the app are available with additional ones.

So, if you are looking for how to sign into your email without the mobile app, this article will help you.

After April 2021, all Comcast email users could not log in again through their mobile app. But there is another way to sign in to your email account, which we want to show you.

If you want to create a new email account, look at this article; create Email Account (Xfinity Email) in a few steps.

You must have gotten your Xfinity ID after creating your account. So, ensure it is saved because you will always need it whenever you want to sign in. See below in the next section why Xfinity ID is important.

Comcast Email Login

Why Do You Need Xfinity for Email Login?

Xfinity ID is a customized number given to every customer who has subscribed to any of Xfinity’s services. Before you can access or manage your Xfinity services or even your email, you have to provide your ID.

If you do not know what services Xfinity offers, then see them below:

  • Cable television,
  • Internet,
  • Telephone, and
  • Wireless services

Before signing into your email, you must provide your Xfinity ID. So, always ensure it is available before attempting to sign in. Your phone number, username, or email address are also important when considering signing in to your Comcast email account.

Easiest Way To Log into Email Account

The easiest way to log into your account is using your Xfinity ID through their official web page. You can log in with both a PC and a mobile device. However, for mobile devices, you can only use the web method.

There is no need to worry because you can still find the same features of the Comcast email app on the web version of the email. Comcast’s email provider is almost the same as other traditional email providers, with a better webmail version than their mobile app.

If you were using Comcast email before April 2021, when the app was canceled, head to Xfinity’s official page to sign into your Comcast account with your Xfinity ID.

If you are sure that everything you need is available, check out the steps below on the Easiest Way To Check Your Email.

How to Login to Your Email Account On PC

  • Signing in to the email requires you to go through the homepage of On the homepage, navigate to where you have the email icon at the top right corner of your page.
  • You are now on the Comcast account sign-in page. Enter your phone number, username, or email address linked to your account and hit the ‘let’s go’ button.
  • You go straight to the Xfinity platform, where you can check your Comcast email inbox and access other features.

Congratulations on a successful sign-in.

That was how to How to Login to Your Email Account On a PC, and hopefully, now, you can easily access your Xfinity email. If you want to know how to access your email on your smart device, see the guide below.

How to Log into a Email on a Smartphone

Since the Comcast email app was canceled, you cannot find it in any online store to download. So, there is no app you can use to log into your Comcast email account. But, there is another way to log in to your email with a mobile device.

Comcast email login is possible with a third-party app like mailbird or a web browser app on your mobile device. Since using a free web browser, you can follow the same method in logging in to Comcast email on a PC.

So, while you expect Comcast to provide another mobile app for their email services, use the web to access your email features.

There is no difference between the web’s features and those on the app. There are more features to access on the web than on the app.

Let’s briefly list some of these important features available for all Comcast email users.

Comcast Email Features

You might have signed up for the email account when it was available on the app because of its unique features. Perhaps you are not sure if those features are still available. Yes, they are, and here below are the key features of Comcast email:

  1. Basic customization options
  2. Mail statistics
  3. Group contact lists
  4. Auto-reply messages
  5. External email accounts
  6. Multiple email signatures
  7. Personal folders
  8. Basic contact management

Recover Your Xfinity Comcast Email Sign In ID 

It could be that you have forgotten your email sign-in ID. It is nothing serious, and there is a way to recover it.

Here is how to recover your Xfinity Comcast login ID:

  • On the homepage, navigate to the login icon and click it to proceed to the sign-in page
  • On the sign-in page, you will see ‘find your Xfinity ID’ at the bottom just before ‘create a new Xfinity ID. So, tap on it to proceed.
  • You can choose from the three options to verify your ownership and recover your Xfinity ID. These options are your phone number, email address, and security number. So, go ahead and choose the available one.
  • On providing the correct thing, your ID will be sent to the email or phone line you linked with your Comcast email.

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