10 Ways To Know If Your Hair is Damaged

Determining if your hair is damaged depends on conditions like split ends, breakage, change in texture, limb, hair loss, or even random patches of no hair or short hair. These are just signs showing the state of your hair; if you know them at the early stage, there could be ways of rescue from total damage.

While using shampoo, conditioner, heat, and other chemical products to maintain your hair, expect hair-damaged signs and be prepared to care for your hair.

To get your hair back, you will need to make a few changes or adjustments and follow the instructions of a professional hairstylist.

If you don’t know what damaged hair could look like, below are ten Ways To Know If Your Hair is Damaged.

10 Ways To Know If Your Hair is Damaged

Ways To Know If Your Hair is Damaged
  1. Split ends
  2. Breakage
  3. Hair Loss
  4. Dry, Brittle hair
  5. Change in texture
  6. Frizzy hair
  7. Hair feels limb
  8. No more curls
  9. Random Patches of no hair or short hair
  10. Excessive Tangling

1. Split ends

If your hair ends begin to dry almost immediately after a shower, it is because the ends are worn and splitting. So, they could not hold moisture for a while. If you don’t do anything to stop it, it can spread to the hair shaft causing the hair to be frizzy.

Split ends could be caused by thinning effects, unfavorable weather, or dryness. These things can damage your hair if not properly handled.

Trimming the ends can remove the damaged area while the hair keeps growing. Moreover, you can use hydrating oil to moisturize your hair and remove the split ends by protecting it from the continuous effects of heat, weather, dryness, etc.

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2. Breakage

If your hair becomes vulnerable to any touch, breaking off at any slight stretch, it could be damaged due to loss of elasticity. So, what could be the cause?

Over-processing your hair, especially for different styles, and some unsuitable products for your hair type could cause breakage.

Appling leave-in-conditioners can hydrate the hair and add layers to protect the shaft and improve its elasticity. Leave-in-condition can save your hair against thermal effects by covering the cuticles with moisture and proteins.

3. Hair Loss

Hair Loss is probably the last sign you can experience if your hair is damaged.

Hair loss can be a difficult and emotionally charged topic, and it is often a sign of aging or poor health and can be a source of great insecurity.

If you are experiencing hair loss, you are not alone. There are many causes of hair loss, and more than one factor is at play.

Hormonal changes, such as those during menopause or pregnancy, can cause hair loss—medical conditions, such as thyroid disease, anemia, etc.

4. Dry, Brittle hair

When your hair is dry and brittle, it could be because it’s damaged. However, it could also require some nutrients, which a deep conditioning treatment can make it fresh again.

Not drinking enough water can cause dry hair and skin. However, other causes include styling products, which can strip the hair of its natural oils. Other causes can include using heat styling tools too often, washing the hair too frequently, and using harsh shampoos.

If you have dry and brittle hair, you know how frustrating it can be to try and get your hair to look healthy and shiny. But, a deep conditioner can help replenish your hair’s moisture. Be sure to use a conditioner specifically for dry and brittle hair.

5. Change in Hair Texture

A change in your hair texture might not be typical, and it is one of the ways to know damaged hair. So, watch out should it happen to your hair.

If you’re noticing a change in your hair texture, it could be due to several factors. Age, hormones, diet, and even the weather can all affect how your strands look and feel.

6. Frizzy hair

If your hair is unruly and staring back at you, it has become frizzy and probably damaged. Perhaps you want to use a hair tie and put it up in a ponytail as quickly as possible. But before you do that, check out the reasons your hair is frizzy after washing it.

Frizzy hair is caused by a lack of moisture in the hair shaft. When the hair shaft is dry, it is more likely to absorb moisture from the environment, which leads to frizz.

Several different things can cause the hair shaft to become dry, including weather conditions like humidity.

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7. Hair Feels Limp

If your hair becomes limp and dull after processing it with some chemicals, it is likely to be damaged.

Your hair becomes limp when it is suppressed by waste or some product build-up. Using too much conditioner can lead to excess hydration, which can cause moisture overload.

Moisture overload is unhealthy for your cuticles because they will swell and open because of excess water.

If you notice that the moisture in your hair is abnormal, you can try using a proteinous conditioner.

8. No more curls

If there is a sudden disappearance of curls from your hair, it could be because of damage. So, it is important to consider it and watch out if it happens.

Your hair can lose curls because of diet, disease, or using the wrong hair products.

9. Random Patches of no hair or short hair

Random patches of no hair or short hair are possible for consistently colored hair.

One of the most common causes of patches of short hair is a condition called alopecia areata. This autoimmune condition causes the body to attack the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss in some areas.

10. Excessive Tangling

Your hair will likely tangle if you have any of the above symptoms.

So, if you can avoid exposing it to much friction, you can have your hair back and healthy.

If you’re dealing with excessive tangling, you can do a few things to help ease the process:

  • First, ensure you’re using a wide-toothed comb or brush when detangling, which will help minimize breakage and split ends. Also, use a microfiber towel for a rough-free surface to rub your hair.
  • Secondly, try using a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray before you comb or brush. This will help to lubricate the hair and make it easier to work through tangles.


What Are The Causes Of Damaged Hair?

Here are the main causes of damaged hair:
1. Chemical Bleaching And Coloring
2. Heat
3. Lack Of Moisture
4. Over Manipulation
5. Permanent Styling
6. UV Rays
7. Moisture Overload

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