What Is The Main Purpose Of Shampoo?

The main purpose of using shampoo is to wash off the excess oil on the hair strands and remove dirt from the scalp. Besides, the shampoo also helps to refresh the hair odor and remove debris like sweat from hair fibers.

While keeping the hair nourished and moisturized, it is also crucial to note that excess oil can cover the scalp and prevent your hair from growing. So, washing your hair regularly with shampoo is one thing you need to remove oils from the scalp and enhance your hair growth.

If you observe that your hair is always oily almost immediately after washing it, it might be because of using the wrong shampoo. Also, if your hair is always heavily oily, you would not only need to wash it frequently, but it would be best if you could find a good shampoo for your hair.

Now that you know the main purpose of shampoo let’s look at other purposes before elaborating on the different types for different hair types.

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Top 6 Purposes of Shampoo

What Is The Main Purpose Of Shampoo
  1. Shampoo can dry excess oil on your hair.
  2. Shampoo can melt dirt and oil in the hair for effective cleaning
  3. Shampoo can improve your hair odor
  4. Shampoo can prevent hair loss
  5. Shampoo can clean dust, oil, and dead skin on your hairbrushes
  6. Shampoo for dry hair can increase oil to moisturize your hair

7 Types of Shampoo for your Hair

Because of the differences in hair texture, one type of shampoo will not suit all hair types. So, different types of shampoo are made specifically for each hair type and style.

Some hairs are oily and dry, while some are normal, and it won’t be beneficial if the same shampoo is used for these different hair types. So, here are seven types of shampoo which are made for different purposes:

  1. Clarifying shampoo
  2. Moisturizing shampoo
  3. Oily hair shampoo
  4. Everyday shampoo
  5. 2-in-1 shampoo
  6. Volumizing shampoo
  7. Styling hair shampoo

1. Clarifying shampoo

While clarifying shampoo is not what you can use every day, it can remove every waste caused by other hair products and save your hair from looking awkward.

Clarifying shampoos are good for oily hairs because they can remove dirt and clean excess oil from the scalp. However, applying this shampoo requires a good conditioner for your hair.

2. Moisturizing shampoo

These shampoos are made specifically for dry hair. A moisturizing shampoo contains more conditioning elements to provide moisture and proper coverage for the hair shaft.

So, if your hair is always dry, it would be best to use a moisturizing shampoo instead of any other one.

3. Oily hair shampoo

If your hair is heavily oily and often is easily greased up, then this type of shampoo is for you.

The oily hair shampoo contains very few conditioning elements to avoid much moisture and ease the removal of excess oils from the hair.

4. Everyday shampoo

What you need to know about everyday shampoo is that it is mild and may not work for any hair with a special issue.

So, if your hair is normal, shampoo can work for you.

Perhaps you want to keep healthy hair by washing it every day, and it is important to consider the effects of using shampoo often. However, if the everyday shampoo is OK for your hair type, you can use it daily.

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5. 2-in-1 shampoo

The two-in-one shampoo contains both shampoo and conditioner ingredients. With this type, you don’t need to use another conditioner.

So, if you want to condition your hair simultaneously, then a two-in-one conditioner would be best for you.

6. Volumizing shampoo

If you look forward to having thicker hair, then volumizing shampoo can be helpful.

The volumizing shampoo helps to manage and develop thin hair by increasing its volume, making it thicker and healthier.

7. Styling hair shampoo

Styling hair shampoos are specially made for colored hair.

Most time, people with colored hair are afraid of using shampoo for fear of losing their hairstyles.

But, some shampoos are specifically made for this type of hair, which you need to keep your colored hair shiny and fresh.

Have you styled your hair with some colors?

Get a Color-Protecting shampoo to wash and polish your hair regularly.

You can now decide which type of shampoo to use for your hair.

Endeavor to stick to what works for your hair and avoid high sulfate content shampoo for a healthy scalp.


How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

If your hair is highly oily, you can shampoo it every two or three days because of the continuous flow of the sebum oils from the scalp. However, you must stick to your hair’s best type of shampoo.

Because of a steady release of oil from the scalp to nourish the strands, frequent hair shampooing is necessary. This will help in hair growth and maintaining healthy hair.

What Happens If You Don’t Shampoo

If you don’t shampoo your hair, the accumulated oils will be stuck on your scalp preventing your hair from growing properly.

Besides, it will produce a foul odor because of dirt and dead cells on the scalp, which should be removed.

It is important to keep clean and fresh hair for healthy hair growth without issues.

Is It Good To Shampoo Daily?

You can shampoo daily if you are on a routine exercise that can cause sweat and if there is a steady humid condition in your area.

However, if your hair type allows you to use the everyday kind of shampoo, then you can shampoo daily.

Is It OK To Wash Hair With Just Water?

It is not OK to wash your hair with just water if you aim to remove excess oil and dirt from the scalp, and it will be an effort in futility. Removing oil and dirt from the hair requires a shampoo containing special ingredients for this purpose.

So, don’t bother washing your hair with just water because it is like pouring water on your dirty clothes without using soap.


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