Should I oil my hair after shampoo?

It is best to oil your hair before shampooing because then it is dry, and the oil can easily penetrate through the layers of the shaft. However, you can oil your hair after shampoo, but you have to clean the hair thoroughly to enhance proper absorption of the oil.

The importance of oiling the hair shaft is majorly stopping the hair from swelling. Swelling hairs often get dry and frizzy. So, to avoid treating frizzed hair, it would be best if you could maintain your hair with some essential oils.

Oiling our hair with a good hair oil can do so many things to it, such as:

Oiling your hair just before shampooing or oiling it a night before shampooing yields different results. Both are used in varying conditions, and they are effective. Let’s know how to oil your hair and when to apply it in both cases.

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How to oil your hair a night before shampooing

Here is how to do it:

  • Order for oil that best suits your hair type
  • Using your hair brush or comb, detangle your hair before oiling it. It is not advisable to detangle your hair after oiling to prevent it from breaking away.
  • Right before you sleep, massage the oil softly into your hair. To avoid cutting your hair, you should not be harsh about the massage. Also, use an old towel or thick cloth to cover your pillow to prevent oil stains.
  • On the next day, shampoo your hair and wash it off with water.

When can you oil your hair overnight:

  • You can apply oil to your hair overnight if it is necessary to carry out a rigorous hair treatment. This can be due to dandruff, frizz, dry scalp, and other serious hair issues.
  • It generally depends on the intensity of treatment you want to have. However, things like the time you have to prepare for work in the morning can be a reason. So, If you will be leaving very early, you can do it overnight to save time the next day.

How to oil your hair Just before shampooing

Here is how to do it:

  • You have your oil
  • Always endeavor to detangle your hair before applying the oil.
  • Massage it the same way as in the previous section and allow it to stay for at least an hour or four as you’d want.
  • Apply shampoo and wash it off with water.

When can you oil your hair just before shampooing it:

  • If you don’t have any need for severe treatment.
  • On your regular shampooing routine.

Note: The choice of your hair oil largely determines the result you will get. Choosing natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and macadamia oil can provide your hair with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy.

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How Long you can leave oil in your hair

Leaving oil for one-three hours is enough. But in cases of intensive hair treatment due to some issues, one-six hour is okay.

Here is what you should know if you are planning to leave the oil in your hair for an extended period:

  • If you leave the oil for a more extended period in your hair or use more than you should, you will need more shampoo to wash it off. Applying too much shampoo can affect the cuticles and cause dryness.
  • Also, oiling your hair daily can be detrimental, considering that you will need to wash it off with shampoo.

5 easiest ways to apply oil to your hair

Let us mention the five most straightforward and best ways of applying oil to your hair:

  1. If the oil is cold and solid, scoop a portion and warm it with a microwave until it melts off.
  2. detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb and divide it into sections
  3. Using your fingers, massage each area softly and make sure it is well distributed.
  4. Repeat step three in all the sections.
  5. You can make it into a topknot or leave it until it is time to put shampoo.


What Should We Apply To Hair After Shampoo?

A leave-in conditioner is best to apply to your hair after shampooing. Conditioners are known to be pH adjusters and helpful in returning hair cuticles to their perfect shape. So a leave-in conditioner would always be better, considering the importance of using enough conditioner after shampooing.

Also, applying a light serum to your hair after shampooing would be good. Generally, these two things will prevent the hair from breaking away while detangling. However, it would be best if you still had a wide-tooth comb for less friction and smooth hair.

Is It Good To Apply Oil After Hair Wash?

Here are the things to know about applying oil to your hair before and after washing it:
1. If you apply oil to your hair before washing it, the hair shaft will absorb less water, preventing the cuticles from rising too high. So, applying oil to the hair before washing it can help prevent the cuticles from getting disrupted and damaged.

2. Applying oil to your hair after washing it can make it softer and probably smoother. However, more water can enter the shaft and disorganize the cuticles.

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