Top 10 Best Sling Bags Brands For Stylish Ladies

Top 10 Best Sling Bags Brands For Stylish Ladies

Handbags such as sling bags, a useful accessory for ladies, get more exciting when they bring out beauty, add style to outfits, and give the luxury of having your hands free by crossing them on your body.

Sling bags are just the perfect functional for your essentials while traveling, shopping, trekking, or hanging out with friends without misplacing them. Top brands are known to produce quality, attractive and durable sling bags, and this article is here to lead you to them.

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Top 10 Best Sling Bags Brands For Crossbody Purse

best sling bags brands
  1. Gucci
  2. Louis Vuitton
  3. Coach
  4. Marc Jacobs
  5. Michael Kors
  6. Kate Spade
  7. Prada
  8. Guess
  9. Tory Burch
  10. Chanel

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Gucci is one brand committed to ensuring that its collections make you stylish as long as you want and for every occasion.

Their designs are top-notch, and you can trust them to get quality and durable sling bags worth your money.

Every woman wishes to make an impression daily, gathering admirers on every occasion. Gucci sling bags is one way to achieve this, as they complement your attire and put you in the spotlight.

You can choose any color of your choice with your outfits, whether neutral, black, brown, or other vibrant colors. From $800 and above, you can get one.

Gucci sling bags are made from polyurethane, denim, canvas, leather, and fabric. They can come with a buckle, button, turn lock, zipper, magnetic flap, push lock, or snap as compartment closure.

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Louis Vuitton

Fashion enthusiasts will love collections from Louis Vuitton because their sling bags are a pack of beauty and style for every occasion and season.

Adding this brand to your closet will give you confidence whenever you plan to go out. No lady wants embarrassment.

Louis Vuitton uses quality leather, canvas, and fabric to make sling bags in various patterns, such as floral prints and designs, including solid and braided ones.

Comfort is sure with sling bags from this brand, and making your choice from their varieties of sling bags may not be easy because they are all beautiful and stylish.
You will want to have it all to yourself.

Their collections have either button, push lock, zipper, turn lock, magnetic, press-stud, or snap as compartment closure. You can have one starting from $2200.

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Coach offers young girls the latest fashionable sling bags they desire to flaunt at any given opportunity and also appear in style on any occasion.

Their prices are reasonably affordable; they start from $100. No fashionista will say no to Coach sling bags as they are the correct plug always to stay stylish and on-trend when it comes to slinging bags as a youth.

Their collection comes with a twist with an adjustable shoulder strap. Coach is made from canvas, cotton, leather, jacquard, shearling, suede, woven, and textile materials with either zipper, push lock, turn lock, snap, buckle, magnetic, drawstring, or button as compartment closure.

Marc Jacobs

Fashionable ladies love Marc Jacobs sling bag collections designed for all fashion freaks. This brand is exceptional and has earned itself one of the best choices amongst women.

Marc Jacobs bags come with different compartments, which you can utilize to gain the safety of your items. It is an excellent asset for you as a woman for casual or party wear.

Its styles can be a metallic cue, printed, and other different styles with zipper, magnetic, snap, push lock, lobster claw, buckle, button, or clasp compartment closure, all made from materials including leather, polyester, cotton, canvas, artificial, faux fur, vinyl, denim, and nylon.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors sling bags are incredibly feminine and fashionable. It is one brand that keeps to its promise of strong, comfortable, and durable sling bags that are perfect and classy.

With its great designs, you cannot go unnoticed anywhere, whether at work, at parties, or even shopping. It is an excellent addition to your attire and gives you a perfect look that no one can resist but ask how to get one.

Their collections also have good storage space for your essentials and are made from canvas, leather, artificial, cotton, polyurethane, polyester, vinyl, patent leather, nylon, and lambskin leather.

You can get one starting from $150, whether it has a buckle, button, magnetic, zipper, snap, clasp, push lock, or twist clasp as compartment closure.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade has the extreme quality that speaks for it in the world of sling bags. With this brand, you will only be unleashing the impeccable fashion lifestyle in you.

You are to enjoy its spacious space, beautiful designs, styles, and the fact that it is on-trend. You can’t help but stay ahead of fashion with Kate Spade.

The collection is made of leather, canvas, fabric, nylon, polyester, PVC, satin, tweed, velvet, and faux leather with a zipper, magnetic, clasp, snap, drawstring, or push lock as compartment closure. Buy one starting from $150.


One will certainly be impressed when you step out with Prada, which is superior quality and quite an expensive brand.

This brand introduces you to the public through its uniqueness, design, style, and high quality.

The collection is every woman’s dream for occasions such as big parties. You can rock Prada sling bags at any season as it gives durability assurance and easy maintenance.

Prada bags are made of leather, fabric, straw, and nylon with a magnetic zipper, buckle, push lock, and button as compartment closure. Each of Prada can be gotten starting from $950.


Guess is highly sophisticated for sophisticated women. This brand doesn’t select as it fits into your occasions or work any day.

Making you look stunning is the brand’s specialty during parties or in school. It is just the same quality and style your money yearns for, and you will surely get what you need.

This brand is endowed with unique charm capable of creating an impression and enviable looks, just from $100 and above.

The collection is polyurethane, faux leather, and artificial with zipper, magnetic, or snap as compartment closure.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch bags focus more on meeting the expectation of girls and their budgets which is seen in their designs, and is made for lovers of colors and prints.

The collection has the quality and can put you in the spotlight as you rock them. Add this brand today to your wardrobe, and you are ready for your functions.

This brand is worth your money because of the quality, styles, and ability to contain your personal belongings, such as makeup things.

You can get this brand in materials including leather, patent leather, canvas, nylon, straw, shearling, velvet, faux leather, suede, polyester, cotton, and lambskin.

They also come with a flip lock, zipper, drawstring, magnetic, snap, buckle, and twist lock. Get one for yourself, starting from $248.


Chanel is a brand for lovers of prints with a vibrant touch. This brand would suit your taste in different patterns, from abstract to floral styles.

The collection is well made with firm straps that keep you comfortable even with heavy stuff. The brand is highly durable and quite expensive.

Do you want to be in vogue as well as exceptional? Then this brand’s sling bag is for you because you will be rocking a design rarely found anywhere else.

The collection is made of lambskin, leather, and tweed with magnetic, snap, clasp, zipper, or push lock. From $8000 and above, you can have one.

The ball is now in your court. Make your choice and achieve that perfect look you desire with sling bags.

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