Can I Pick Up My Package From UPS Near me?

Can I Pick Up My Package From UPS Near me is a common question from almost all UPS customers and this post has the necessary info to address this question.

If you need to pick up a package from UPS, you can do so by using the company’s UPS Access Point service. This service allows you to pick up your package from a local business that has agreed to serve as a UPS Access Point. To find a UPS Access Point near you, visit the UPS near me site and enter your location.

Also, if you would want to intercept a UPS package, contact UPS and let them know that you want to intercept a package. This can be done by calling 1-800-742-5877 or by logging in to your UPS account online. Once you’ve done that, UPS will be able to track down your package and hold it at a UPS facility.

However, you will be responsible for paying the intercept fee, which is currently $13.45 and you will need to have a valid reason for intercepting the package.

How To Pick Up Package From UPS Store Near Me

Can I Pick Up My Package From UPS

If this is your first time expecting a package from UPS, or it has been a while since you use them, then knowing how to get your pack is important.

Here are the things you should know while expecting your goods from UPS:

  • The line you contact to track your package is not the UPS store office, but rather the delivery company around your area that has the package.
  • UPS stores can belong to small business owners who are in charge of your product or service but not in control of the delivery system.
  • Your access point may not necessarily be a UPS store drop-off box location, it can be a fuel station, grocery store, or any functional location around your area.

So, with the above points, you can get a glimpse of how to pick up your package from the UPS store looks like. Let’s give you more tips on how you can go about it.

The Easiest Way To Locate UPS store near me and pick up your package is by using the locator tool or the map.

Your stuff will be sent to the nearby UPS Access Point in your area. So, with the help of the locator tool, you will be able to see all the access points or nearby drop off boxes and contact their office for your package.

It is your choice to pick it up from the store or to wait and receive it at your location.

Meanwhile, The delivery agent will not release or allow you to pick up your package from the UPS store if you cannot provide the required ID document.

ID Requirements For Picking up a package from a UPS Access Point location

If you are picking up a package from UPS, you will need to show a valid ID. The most common form of ID is a driver’s license, but you can also use a passport, state ID card or any government-approved ID. If you do not have any of these forms of ID, you will not be able to pick up your package.

UPS Access Point locations are perfect for those times when you need to ship a package but cannot get to a UPS store during normal business hours. With extended hours and locations that are convenient for you, UPS Access Point locations make it easy to get your shipments where they need to go.

Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, there are UPS Access Point locations that will meet your needs. To get started, simply use the UPS store drop off near me tool to find a location near you.

Where Can I Return A UPS Package?

You can return it to a UPS Store, UPS Customer Center, or UPS drop box. You can also schedule a pickup for your return package.

Just take the package and your ID to the UPS store and they will process the return for you.

However, you will need to have your package tracking number and the reason for the return. UPS will give you a return label to put on your package.

Can I return a UPS package to the post office?

You can return a UPS package to the post office. You will need to fill out a form and pay a fee, but it is possible. Take the package to the post office and tell the clerk that you need to return it. The clerk will then process the return for you.

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