Crossing Border and in Transit to Carrier Hub Update from Landmark Global

Are you wondering what a “Crossing Border and in Transit to Carrier Hub” tracking update means while you are waiting to receive your order [package] from Landmark Global?

Landmark global offers limited global monitoring for items traveling abroad, and it begins at the stage of distribution from the delivery location at the hub.

When they retrieve your package, you will get an email containing your tracking information. To get your findings, all you have to do is enter your tracking details on their portal.

Note: This is not real-time tracking. The geolocation of your package will keep updating at each stop along the Landmark system. Therefore, only expect daily updates because interruptions are possible.

When your stuff leaves Belgium to the delivery nation [your country], you will receive an update to help you track your order once it enters your country.

What could be the reason for this alert? What does it imply concerning your package location, and what should you do with this tracking update?

Let’s see what it means.

“Crossing Border and in Transit to Carrier Hub”

This is one of the common updates from Landmark when processing their package distribution services from the United States of America to Canada [conversely] and foreign shipments from European countries.

If we analyze the update’s language, it is obvious to predict what is going on and the actual location of the package right now.

The term “crossing border” refers to the fact that the consignment has left the source nation and is now traveling to the receiving country.

Basically, “In Transit” signifies that the package is traveling, and the item is traveling to the subsequent “waypoint,” the sort facility or hub, whether they move it by truck or air freight.

The carrier hub in this statement line refers to the initial sorting unit in your country.

How Does the Update Affect Things?

The next important information [update] regarding your order might be concerning the verification and processing of the shipment into a delivery facility or the successful completion of the customs [border control] screening.

After that, they will organise the item and send it out for distribution, supposing the facility is in your nearby location.

No more Info after “Crossing Border and in Transit to Carrier Hub” updates?

Assuming the tracking appears to be stalled after receiving this update, the shipment is likely at a postal agency or another third-party courier instead of Landmark Global.

For instance, once a parcel passes the boundary into Canada from the United States, it often directly goes to the postal agency.

 Here, “the carrier hub” in that statement is owned by the Canadian Post.

As a result, you could not receive notifications as they occur and might have to enter your tracking code on the applicable company’s tracking website [ the Canada Post].

On the other hand, it could be that nothing is hindering your tracker. Simply put, you need to get the updates.

Assuming this is not valid for you and your goods truly appear to be stuck or even cancelled, you must get in touch with Landmark Global and, if relevant, the distribution company in charge of final delivery 

You are at least aware that the package has reached its recipient location.

The carrier’s problems (long waits, shipment quantities, etc.) and probable approval challenges could be slowing down the process.

Passing the Border Repeatedly?

There can occasionally be a weird aberration when you get a “Crossing Border and in Transit to Carrier Hub” notification in the country where the packaging was done after getting an update confirming a successful custom clarification in your country.

The parcel will appear to have passed through immigration, only to be afterward located back in the nation of origin.

This has a straightforward interpretation.

Before the item crosses the boundary, the information is transmitted to borders authority [customs] for many routines, trouble-free exports.

The “Customs Cleared” notification is prompted and issued as soon as the goods are digitally approved.

The real package enters your region and is inspected to show that it is heading to the endpoint.


In general, Landmark Global’s “Crossing Border and in Transit to Carrier Hub” notification informs customers that their stuff is entering a nearby location and en route to the carrier hub for sorting.

It will then be sent directly to the owner’s doorstep or a delivery station closer to the final endpoint.

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