How To Use Facebook Friends Mapper Extension App Download

Facebook friends mapper extension is a chrome extension that helps you to view hidden friends on someone’s FB profile. So, if you are trying to see someone’s secret friends, installing Facebook Friends Mapper Extension on your chrome can do it.

However, it will not deactivate the ‘only me’ option on their profile. It will only disable it on your chrome to enable you to see all their hidden information.

If you want to hide your friend list, you can do that through the ‘only me’ option. However, with the help of Facebook mutual connections, the friend mapper extension could reveal your hidden friends. Learn about how it works in the section below.

How Facebook Friends Mapper Extension Works on Chrome Browser

Facebook friends mapper extension for chrome takes a page action and disables the ‘hide your friend’ feature to reveal all the information about secret friends through mutual connections.

With this tool, revealing your friend list is easy. But, that should not stop you from hiding it if that is what you want because many people are not aware of this extension.

So, if your spouse or crush is hiding their friend list on FB, do not worry anymore. Download the Facebook friends mapper extension 2022 for android, iOS, or windows and activate it to see their secret friends.

Download Facebook Friends Mapper Google Chrome Extension 2022 | Install

Downloading the Facebook Friend Mapper Apk for android, or iOS does not take time. You can follow the guide below to get it:

On Android or iOS

  • Navigate through your mobile phone menu
  • Find the Google or Apple play store
  • Using the search option, type ‘Facebook friend mapper” to search.
  • On finding it, tap to download
  • It is time to install it. On the download page, you will find ‘install’ button, tap on it.
  • In a few minutes, the installation is done.
  • Now, your Facebook Friend Mapper is ready
  • Find it on your menu and open it to activate.


Here is how to download and install it on a PC:

  • First, go to the Google Chrome extension store, search for Facebook friends mapper.
  • To install Facebook friends mapper, type “Facebook friends mapper” to search on chrome web store 
Facebook mapper extension download
  • As you can see in the image above, tap the Facebook friends mapper app to download and install. (download the Facebook friends mapper apk version for android)
  • Locate the downloaded software on the download page to install and activate.
  • Install Facebook friends mapper on chrome and launch it to reveal hidden friends list on Facebook

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How to use Facebook friends mapper

Here is how to use the Facebook friends mapper extension, follow the steps below:

  • First, open your Facebook friends mapper extension or apk as the case may be
  • Proceed to your Facebook account
  • Locate your Friend’s profiles that you want to view their friend’s hidden list.
  • A new option “Reveal friends” will appear on their profile
  • Tap on the “reveal friends ” option to see all their hidden friends list.

It is very important that you have mutual friends with whoever you want to see their hidden friends list.

The reveal friends option can actually work for other users who aren’t your friends.

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Facebook friends mapper extension vs ‘only me” option  

Let’s talk about the Facebook privacy feature, the “only me” option for who should see your friends list. Isn’t it still effective, or why is Facebook friends mapper revealing a friends list?

As part of the security features to protect users’ privacy, Facebook has given options on if your friends should be seen by the public or only you.

However, with Google Plus, this is not enough to protect your privacy regarding who can see your friend list.

If you have set your friend’s list view to “only me”, it’s not enough to hide it from the public.

Facebook friends mapper app by Alon Kollmann can show more than Facebook mutual friends. Interestingly, it can reveal a hidden friends list of people who are not your friend.

The ” only me” option isn’t much effective to hide your FB friends from the public.

Through the concept of mutual friend which has been raising privacy concerns, the mapper app can break through to see your friends.

Let’s take a look at everything we are going to cover from this point:

  • Facebook friends mapper chrome extension for android, iOS, and PC
  • How to install Facebook friends mapper Google chrome extension
  • How to use Facebook friends mapper
  • Is Facebook friends mapper still available

How to hide Facebook friends list 

Hiding your friend’s list on Facebook can prevent the public and even your friends from checking who are your friends.

A good number of users have been using this privacy feature over time and it’s been great.

However, the Facebook mutual friends controversy has subjected this feature to some questions. A question such as why are my friends able to see the same friends we share(mutual friends)?

On how to hide Facebook friends list from the public, here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to settings and privacy
  • Select settings
  • Go to how people can find and contact you
  • Tap who can see your friend list
  • chose the “only me” to hide your friend’s list from the public

FAQs on Facebook friends mapper chrome extension 2022

How do I view things I’ve hidden on my Facebook timeline?

With the activity log, you can easily view anything that is hidden n your timeline.

Be it posts, photos or videos, through your activity log you can view them.

Follow the steps below to view the things you’ve hidden on your timeline:

  • On your Facebook account, go to settings and privacy
  • scroll to the activity log and tap
  • on the left side, tap on the Logged Actions and Other Activity
  • Tap on Hidden from profile to view.
  • To make it easier, use filters to filter the content by the year and even the month if you can still remember.

Whatever is hidden on your profile is very much visible to other users that the same content was shared. You can only hide it from appearing on your Facebook profile.

How do I hide or unhide the number of reactions I see on other people’s Facebook posts?

Here is how to hide or unhide the total number of reactions to other people’s Facebook posts:

  • Go to settings and privacy
  • Tap the news feed preferences
  • Click on reaction preferences
  • Turn on the reaction preferences hide option to hide the number of reactions you see on other people’s Facebook posts

We hope that this post was useful to you.

We’ll endeavor to keep this post updated to meet your needs. If you have any questions or contributions, kindly use the comment box.

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How To Use Facebook Friends Mapper Extension App Download


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