Does Facebook Friends Mapper Still Exist?

Does Facebook Friends Mapper Still Exist?

Facebook Friends Mapper is a chrome extension and app showing you a hidden friend list on your friend’s profile through the most connections to other people. You can use this information to determine how much exposure you get on Facebook by connecting with others.

Facebook Friends Mapper is a great tool to use if you want to know more about the people in your network.

The app helps you find out which of your friends have the most connections so that you can make some new contacts and expand on what’s already there.

While this app was once very popular, it seems like Facebook has moved away from approving such apps to have access to data on their platform.

They have shifted towards connecting users with their actual friends instead of just those connected through third-party apps.

Facebook Friends Mapper made it easy to find out who your friends are and how connected they are on the social media platform.

A few years ago, Facebook Friends Mapper was one of the hottest apps for finding out who your friends are and how connected they were.

However, It seems that it has been removed from the chrome web store, but it might be possible to find it on a different platform. So, Does Facebook Friends Mapper Still Exist?

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What is Facebook Friends Mapper?

Facebook Friends Mapper was an application that allowed users to visualize the connections between their Facebook friends.

It created a map of all the connections, allowing for easy analysis. However, as of now, it is no longer available.

The Facebook Friends Mapper tool was a great way to simplify finding friends that a manager may have. By inputting first and last names, the user can see all their friends who live in the same city.

This avoids tedious sorting through different lists and comparing them to find potential connections.

Facebook Friends Mapper was a tool for extracting valuable information from Facebook.

You could use it in marketing domains and social spheres, where the information can be precious. However, you could use it in other contexts, such as understanding how people interact on social media.

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How did the Facebook Friends Mapper extension work for Chrome?

Read on if you are interested in knowing how the Facebook friends mapper extension app functioned.

To use the Facebook Friends Mapper extension:

  • You first need to install it from the Chrome Web Store.
  • To use the extension, open up Facebook and click on the Friends Mapper icon in the top right corner of your browser.
  • Click on “Reveal friends,” It will find hidden friends in a person’s profile.
  • If you click on a person’s profile, the Facebook mapper extension will reveal their friends to you, and you will be able to see them too.

To use the Facebook Friends Mapper extension for Chrome, you first need to visit your friend’s profile and tap on the “Reveal Friends” option.

Doing so will allow you to view a list of secret contacts. If you want to see all of your friends, please tap on the button “Show Friends.”

The Facebook Friends Mapper was a great way to see all your friends in one place.

Additionally, you could use it to find out who your friend’s friends are by pressing Reveal Friends after each person’s profile is shown, then wait for all of their friends to be found.

How Facebook Friends Mapper works

Facebook Friends Mapper is a tool that allows us to visualize our Facebook friends. It has been installed on our computer, and we can access it through Google Chrome.

To view the list of friends with whom we share a familiar friend on Facebook, we must use the Reveal Friends option.

The Facebook Friend Mapper extension was created to allow users who had set their friend list as private to view a part of the list.

The extension was available on MobileForum and then Chrome, but it is no longer in stores.

Facebook Friends Mapper Features

The Facebook Friends Mapper was a desktop application that allowed users to view and manage their Facebook data.

It came with many features, including viewing and manipulating maps. The app has since been discontinued, but some of its features are still available on Facebook.

Exporting Data

The map image is a quick and easy way to use your data. The CSV file allows you to export your data for marketing or other software integrations quickly.

The Facebook Friends Mapper is a feature that allows people to see who their friends are on Facebook.

The latest features for the Facebook Friends Mapper may include Dark Mode and Snapchat integration.

With the Dark Mode, users can now see the map in black and white, making it easier to read. And with the Snapchat integration, users can now see which of their friends are also on Snapchat.

View Your Past Maps

There are a few ways to save your maps in the My Maps application. You can save maps to the application file itself, which allows you to view and edit them on any device.

You can also upload maps to a cloud service like Google Drive or OneDrive, which allows you to share them with others or access them from anywhere.

You can use Facebook Friends Mapper to find out how many mutual friends you and your neighbor have.

Additionally, you can see who is friends with whom on the map. This tool is especially useful in the office, as it simplifies finding friends.

Quick Results

The recently released software update has sped up the process and allows users to get quick results. Additionally, the software still provides users with all their Facebook friends, not just those they are connected to on Facebook.

After you have typed in the names of the people you want a map of, Facebook Friends Mapper will quickly provide you with a map that shows where everyone is located.

The map is interactive and allows you to zoom in and out to get a closer look at specific areas.


The latest update for Facebook Friends Mapper is that you can now view the notifications from the app itself.

It means that you will not have to miss out on anything if an update is released, and you can easily access all the app’s features.

The Facebook Friends Mapper is a tool that helps users find their friends on social media platforms.

The mapper feature displays all your friends’ contact info and stories, organized into lists. Hence, making it easy for you to see what your friends are up to and easily stay in touch with them.

Does Facebook Friends Mapper Still Exist?

No, the Facebook friends mapper extension app is no longer available on the Chrome web store.

When it was available, you could search for it, install it, and start to use it by following these steps:

1. Go to the Chrome web store and type “Facebook friends mapper” in the search bar.

2. Click on the app and click on “Add to Chrome.”

3. Click on the app icon on your Chrome browser to use it.


Is Mapper safe on Facebook?

Yes, Facebook Friends Mapper is safe on Facebook. Facebook friends mapper has been around for more than a decade, and it’s still up-to-date with new features to make your social life more effortless.

Facebook Friends Mapper is a free tool that will help you find out who has unfriended you on Facebook and how many friends they have.

This website is a resource for people who want to see if their friends are still in contact with each other, and it will show you the genuine relationships at work on Facebook.

Is Mapper still in existence with Facebook friends?

Yes, Facebook Friends Mapper is still in existence. It is a Chrome extension that allows you to see who your friends are on Facebook.

Mapper is still in existence, but it is important to note that Facebook friends will have their addresses mapped if logged in to Facebook while using the software. The privacy settings of those who do not use Facebook will not be applicable.

What does it mean that a friend on Facebook is hidden?

The meaning of “hidden” on Facebook is that the person has intentionally changed their privacy settings so that you can’t see any part of their profile. The only way to know if a friend is hidden or not is to search for the person.

Facebook Friends Mapper is a website used to allow you to see who your friends were interacting with on Facebook. Facebook did not create it, and the site no longer exists.

How does Facebook Friends Mapper Work?

To use Facebook Friends Mapper, you must have at least one mutual friend with the person whose private friend list you want to view. If you do not have any mutual friends, the app will not work. This is because Facebook only allows people who have mutual friends to view each other’s private friend lists.

Facebook Friends Mapper is an app designed to show you a map of your friends. It uses publicly shared information, such as your profile picture and the city you live in, to create the map. The algorithm sorts the friends and creates a viewable map that can be easily shared with others.

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