How someone was frustrated while signing into Gmail account

Signing in to a Gmail account is not a difficult task, but in this case, it was different. So, it is worth sharing so that if you are finding it difficult to access your Gmail, you can learn to do it the easiest but right way.

A young man spent almost 30 minutes of the time he bought in a cafe trying to sign into his Gmail, yet he was unable to log in because of one mistake.

Anyway, it was not his fault, but he should have returned to the cafe manager when he still had time before he got frustrated. 

If you are on this page, you will learn how to sign into your Gmail account in the most easiest and quick way. 

You may be that guy that most of your business goes through your email and if there is any challenge in signing in, there could be a problem. 

To avoid any problem that can affect your business, here is how you can sign into your Gmail.

The easiest way to sign into your Gmail account

Gmail is becoming one of the largest and most used email service providers.

Most email users are more comfortable using google email than other ones. This shows how so many have trust in their services and policies.

Creating a Gmail account is also easy with a few requirements. If you don’t have one, you can check out the Quick Steps to Create a new Gmail account.

After creating one, you can follow these steps to log in.

Quick steps to sign into your Gmail account with a smart device

Before you begin the process, ensure that you have an active internet connection. This is very important because if it is poor, you might not know what the problem is. You might be thinking that it is from google, or that someone has hacked your account. So, confirm everything before you embark on the sign in process.

Besides, a 4g network or a 5g will do better on a smartphone device. However, you can use a PC, but in an urgent situation, your smart device can be better.

To log into your Gmail account with a mobile phone:

  • Use the google play store or apple store to download the app
  • After downloading it, open it directly from the store or switch to the home screen and tap on it
  • Fill in the first space with your email address
  • Enter your password into the second space
  • Click on the sign in button and wait a few seconds 
  • Welcome to your Gmail account inbox

If you can always follow that guide correctly, then you would have no reason to complain about logging into your account. 

That is the quickest way to access your Gmail inbox with a mobilephone.

If you are always working with a PC, you can try out the method below to access your account in the most fastest way.

Quick steps to sign into your Gmail account with a PC

We are trying to provide the easiest ways to access your account. So, if you are using a PC, this method can be helpful.

Most times we overlook the importance of chrome browsers when signing into our accounts. But, it is the best way you can access your account through a PC.

It is the parent browser of Gmail, and they have provided everything to make it easier and quick for you to check your inbox. Plus, for other google services, there is an app section on the browser which you can quickly turn to and use.

If you are looking for the best way to access your email through a PC, using a chrome browser is the answer.

  • Download and install a chrome browser
  • Open it to set up your profile
  • Click the sign in button 
  • Enter your login details and sign in
  • Turn on the synchronization mode
  • At the top right of the browser, click on Gmail to access your inbox

After creating your profile, Signing in becomes easier.

What you should always do?

Open your profile and check the same spot to open your Gmail and access your account.

How someone was frustrated while signing into Gmail account

This guy could have avoided this frustration if he had followed the steps above.

After purchasing his cafe time, he went to the available PC.

He was so concerned about checking his email and to him, there was no need to check if the router was connected to his PC because everyone was busy using theirs.

The former customer left the chrome browser on and he went ahead to enter his details.

Unfortunately, there was no response like ‘your network is not reachable’. The browser kept loading until he got tired. That was when he shouted and everyone knew he was frustrated.

It was then one of the cafe staff went to access his system and found that he did not turn on his network before browsing.

Because he almost finished his time, someone helped him to sign into his Gmail account and read his messages.

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