Quick Steps to Create a New Gmail account 2022 [Phone & PC]

Gmail and almost every other app keep updating and adding new features yearly and sometimes monthly. After each update, there could be significant changes in different features, hence the need to learn about creating a new Gmail account in 2022.

In 2022, there are various free email service providers like Yahoomail, Gmail, Outlook, and others.

However, many people prefer Gmail because of the many benefits and features it has. It is easy to use and also provides enough storage capacity that can take you all through without any need to pay.

With just a few requirements, creating this email is simple and straightforward. If you have reached thirteen years and you own a working device, an active internet connection, and a few personal details, you are good to register on the popular email site.

Quick Steps to Create a New Gmail account Via Phone 2022

Smart devices are in fact the easiest and fastest means to create your new G mail account. So, if your phone is your only device or you are more comfortable with it, you can easily create a new one for your email needs.

Apart from your device and internet connection, here are other requirements for creating a G mail with your Android or iOS device.

  • Your two important names: The last and first.
  • An active call number for verification reasons
  • Details of birth: date, month, and year
  • A unique password that someone cannot hack. Create a new one that is different from the ones you are using on other platforms or emails.

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If you have all the requirements, then you are ready to create one.

Here are the steps:

  • Find your settings app, open it, and walk your screen to where you have accounts
 Create a New Gmail Account
  • After opening ‘Accounts’, search for ‘Add accounts in the next phase
Tap add accounts
  • Tap the addition sign add account button and find the ‘Google’ sign or the name
Tap Google to Create a New Gmail Account
  • Press the G button to open the G-mail page where you will find a ‘create’ to begin the main process
 Create a New Gmail Account
  • Ignore the the sign-in that appears first and move to create, click to start. A new page appears demanding your important names. Enter them accordingly and tap the next button that appears in the below to continue.
enter your names and  Create a New Gmail Account
  • You are going to provide your basic information like your birth date info on the next page.
Basic Information, DOB and gender
  • Now, on the next page, they will provide some email suggestions for you, it is either you choose one or create your own.
 Create a New Gmail Account
  • Provide a strong password as recommended in this post using mixture of letters, symbols, and numbers. Ensure that it is strong enough such that no one can hack.
Password for  a New Gmail Account
  • The next page is for verification of phone details. There are additional services offered with the addition of your call line. However, you are free to skip or accept those services.
phone number for a New Gmail Account
  • Review your account info and confirm the email before the final stage.
 Create a New Gmail Account
  • Read through the privacy policy and scroll until you find ‘I agree’, this where the process is complete, so accept.
Agree to  Create a Gmail Account
This email will appear on your list and you can also sign in with other devices like a PC or another smart phone by going to the login page, entering the details, and accessing your account.

So, after creating it, you can log in from anywhere and on any device.

Let’s quickly look at doing the same thing with a PC. In case you own a system and would like to use it for this process, here are the steps to follow.

Quick Steps to Create a New Gmail account Via PC 2022

There are various ways to start the process with a system. Let’s look at a few of them before we choose the easiest way and create the steps to follow:

  • Searching for google accounts through the web bar and clicking on the headings with create your Gmail account.
  • Attempting to add a new profile and in the process of signing in, you choose to create a new one.
  • Following https://support.google.com/ to the account creation page
  • Following the google profile icon on a chrome home page

Among those three ways, the first one is easier and straightforward, so let’s use it for this guide.

Here is how you can create a new Gmail account in 2022 with a PC.

  • Using a browser, key in and search google account. After the results are displayed, follow the link with ‘create a G mail account’
  • Click on the icon bearing create to enter the next page
  • Here is where to verify your line. so, enter and check your message box for the code. Enter the code in the next section to continue.
  • After that, be ready to set up your birth date and choose your gender and click the next icon to proceed.
  • To accept and access all the services listed on the next page, click on ‘Yes I’m in’
  • The privacy policy is the last thing, so agree to finish creating your new account.
  • You are now on your account’s main page. Go ahead and personalize the features you would like and enjoy your new account.

Benefits of Using Gmail

Presently, an email account is not limited to sending messages to your family, friends, and associates or to businesses and sending attachments.

Email is necessary for digital services like registering on sites, applying for jobs, subscribing to daily news, online shopping, downloading some items, and many more.

Here are some benefits of G mail for you and your business that make it more outstanding than other ones.

  • Security

Google’s security standard is unique and cannot be compromised. They ensure that no one accesses your account without confirming that it is you.

In the case of password reset, they have a standard way that you must follow before they can allow you to create a new one.

Activating the two-factor authentication and generating the secret codes allows you to be in absolute control of who signs into your account.

  • More that one email in G mail app

You can manage other versions of emails on the same gmail app and avoid signing in each time you need to use them.

If you have a yahoo and outlook emails plus a g mail, you can put them in one place and that will make it easier for you to access them without having to log in each time.

  • Access to All Google Services

You don’t not need another or sepearate accounts to access all the sevices on the top search site. With just one g mail, you can access the Google play, Doc, Drive and many others.

You can imagine how many emails you would need if these services were to linked to different gmails.

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