How to call a number that blocked you

How to call a number that blocked you may be bothering you.

First, how can you know that someone has blocked your number?

Perhaps, by trying to reach a number in your contact list or a friend’s line and realize that you are unable because they stooped you from calling.

Some phones will display ‘call rejected’ or ‘call barred.

Take note!

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Why Would Someone Block Your Number?

How to call a number that blocked you

Are you wondering why someone barred you from calling their lines?

You probably might have offended them or caused them pain in a way that they do not need you again.

But, if you want to make things right, look for ways to call and apologize.

Although, someone can block your number for no reason.

For example, your siblings or friends might do it because they do not want to help you.

If you want to find out why or perhaps you need their help, it would be best to find a way and call them.

There are special apps to call someone who blocked you. However, you will need to understand the settings before it works.

Meanwhile, Can You Call A Number that Blocked You?

Can You Call A Number that Blocked You?

If a number has blocked you, you can still call them in different ways like using a special app to generate a new number, altering your phone’s caller ID through the setting, using a new line to reach them, etc.

They did not block or destroy their lines.

They only barred your line.

So, since their line is still active, there are many ways to call them.

Here are eight ways you can call a number that blocked you.

8 Ways To Call A Number That Blocked You 2022

How to call a number that blocked you

One of these ways can be best for you to reconnect with someone who blocked you.

But how do you know that someone has blocked your number?

Sometimes you may not know someone has blocked your number until you try calling them.

Another way to know is if you were on call and suddenly they hang up, and if you try to recall, you discover that you are barred.

However, there are ways you can break through to reach them.

You have to try anyone that works for you.

It can be through your phone or other means like an app and the rest. But, in the end, if you follow anyone that works for you, you will finally connect and probably resolve your issues.

So, here are ways you can call a number that has blocked you:

  1. Alter the caller ID of your Line
  2. Try hiding your number with *67
  3. Find an app that generates free phone lines
  4. Call home phones
  5. Get another number
  6. Use unknown phones
  7. Excuse a friend’s phone
  8. Tell a friend to help you

1. Alter the caller ID of your Line

Altering your lines ID makes it becomes strange.

So, whoever you call cannot know the identity behind it until they answer.

But how does it work?

Someone who blocked your number did not stop the unknown identity, so closing your ID to disguise disables the established blocking effect.

Here is how to do it:

  • For the android operating system, find the settings and the ID section
  • From the settings, find call info
  • proceed to more or additional settings
  • select the caller ID and hide it

Note: if you do not change the control or adjust the filter to its default, all your calls will remain unknown.

Someone may ask, ‘if I call someone who blocked me will they know?’

Hiding your caller ID, calling from an app-generated line, or changing the line will not let them know that you are the one.

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2. Try hiding your number with *67

This is one simple means to cover your identity.

The code *67 is popular for converting normal phone lines to private ones.

You can try using the code if you do not use the settings.

They work the same way, and it can be easier with the code.

So, how do you use *67 to call a number that has blocked you?

Now, you will need to copy out the number by having it offhand because you will add the code before the number.

After being sure of the contact, type *67 first followed by the line you want to call.

For example, *67-408-332-xxxx

This method of hiding your current line address is effective for calling someone who blocked you on iPhone and android.

3. Find an app that generates free phone lines

How to call a number that blocked you

You can check the available app stores for a corresponding app.

If you cannot find one, do not worry yourself.

There are various ways to achieve this goal.

For example, using special apps to call someone who blocked you by downloading and installing it on your device.

The main purpose of this app is to give you a new number that will bypass the blocking effect.

So, after installing, create new numbers for calls and SMS.

Some of these apps can limit their reach to numbers that on the app while can call anyone.

Whosoever blocked you will not have this newly generated number, so they will not know you until you explain yourself.

Ensure that the app is virus free.

But, if you would not like this method, read on for other ways.

4. Call home phones

How to call a number that blocked you

The home phones, like land lines will still allow your calls.

So, if other ways do not work for you, why not call their landline?

Here is the fact at the moment.

You want to talk with this person,n and it is important to you.

If they have landlines that you know, give them a call and take responsibility of what happened.

Express your sincere apology and plead for them to unblock you.

Your relationship is important, so do not allow anything to break it.

5. Get another number

A new number does not cost that much.

In some regions, there are free lines that you can activate and use.

It is necessary to try every option to get across to whoever blocked your number.

It will heal them and restore your friendship and trust.

If a new line should cost a fee, it will not be costly.

And the price cannot be compared with your relationship.

So, since you still have the number that blocked you, try to get a new one and give them a call to settle all grievances and restore your union.

This is something you can do.

6. Use unknown phones

How to call a number that blocked you

Unknown phones, like public phones, can be a way out.

Since you are trying to speak with them, this option is one of the best because they did not block it.

They won’t even know that you are the one behind the ring.

However, after they have answered, your identity will be exposed.

You will then find ways to convince them to unblock you and make peace.

If you cannot make peace, it can lead to blocking the public number or refusing to answer the next time you call.

So, ensure to use the first call to fix everything.

Here are some places where you can find free or cheap phone services:

  • Nearby phone boots that render call services with different numbers. A few bucks will be enough for your call.
  • It can be helpful if you are in a hotel or can have access to its phone.
  • A school or work phone is another one.

This is one of the best and most effective ways to call anyone that has blocked your number and probably use the chance to reconcile.

7. Excuse a friend’s phone

How to call a number that blocked you

Your friends can help you in situations like this.

Reach out to any of them and explain everything and how you want them to help you.

If they agree, their phone can be better than other options because your friend can also speak to the person to unblock your number.

The most important thing you should do if a friend offers his phone is to use the opportunity to resolve every issue and get your relationship working.

8. Tell a friend to help you

How to call a number that blocked you

Some people who block you can detect your voice while calling with an unknown number and decline immediately.

So, to avoid rejection with a new line, it would be best if you could ask a friend to help you speak with them.

You can tell your friend about everything that happened.

Disclosing everything that happened to your friend will help him to understand and find a way to convince the person to speak with you and unblock your number.

A voice changer is another way.

But, it would look somehow when you later return your voice.

You may not be able to win the person back.

However, if you know that changing your voice can fix everything, go ahead and use it.

Note: If someone blocks you from calling on Whatsapp, how to call someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp is what you need.

FAQs on How to call a number that blocked you

How Can I Unblock My Number From Another Phone?

The process is quite simple if you need to unblock your number from another phone. All you need to do is dial *67 before you enter the 10-digit phone number you wish to call, and this will block your caller ID information from being sent to the person you are calling.

How Can I Text Someone Who Has Blocked Me?

If you are trying to text someone who has blocked you, there is not much you can do. If you think someone has accidentally blocked you, you could try sending a text from a different number or reaching out on social media.

If they have deliberately blocked you, it is probably best to respect their decision and move on.

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